Necessary Provisions


Does Singapore need yet another coffee-cafe? It does look like there is no stopping these entrepreneurs. Necessary Provisions is opened by the good people behind Smitten at Robertson Quay and of the now-defunct Henry Congressional at Henry Park.

Common Man Coffee Roasters


I’m an active Instagram user by most accounts and photographs of this particular cafe, Common Man Coffee Roasters (“Common Man”), have been pipping up the last 2 weekends. To say that my curiosity was not piqued as a result of the sheer number of photographs would be a blatant lie on my part. We are definitely citizens of the online Social Media world.

Common Man Coffee Roasters is the brainchild of Harry Grover (who started 40 Hands in Tiong Bahru some 3 years ago), the Spa Esprit group (Skinny Pizza, Barracks, Tiong Bahru Bakery and others) and Australian coffee roaster, Five Senses. Common Man is quite the new kid on the block, having only opened its doors sometime around the Singapore National Day (9th August) of this year. 

Kuriya Dining


After a few visits to the restaurant located on the first floor of Great World City, I have come to like Kuriya Dining – especially so for their lunch sets ($45++ if memory serves me well). If anything, the quality of the food and level of service never seems to deteriorate regardless of how busy the restaurant gets. The lunch sets change on a monthly basis which makes for a greater reason to visit the restaurant ever so often.

Instead of having all the dishes presented to you all at once like a bento box, the dishes are served to you on a per course basis, much like a Western meal. 

The Fabulous Baker Boy

IMG 0302

So guess what… it’s another Brunch post on 

Located opposite Liang Court, within the compounds of the old River Valley Swimming Complex (for those who remember the swimming pool) at the foot of Fort Canning Hill lies The Fabulous Baker Boy. By the way, the compound is literally called, “Foothills”.

What I like about this place are its really affordable cafe prices and while the food is not much of a shout-out, it’s more than decent. Speaking of food, the menu serves up some of the classics like eggs benedict, big breakfast sets and pot pies. And those of you who cannot live without their sweets, they have quite a selection of cakes on display (which I hear are pretty good too!)


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