Nassim Hill Bakery

IMG 2908

Nassim Hill Bakery is a cafe that I frequent for three simple reasons, 1. its proximity to home, 2. the ease of finding a car park lot and; 3. the expectation of reliable food that comes out from the kitchen.

Located at the back of the old Tanglin Post Office building, Nassim Hill Bakery bakes their own breads in full view of the diners – absolutely no outsourcing here. That is also probably reason enough for a bread basket to be served the moment one gets a seat the cafe.


IMG 8740

Opened by the same guys who run The Bravery and The Plain is a relatively new cafe, RONIN. Similar to those 2 establishments, they utilize the Genovese coffee blend. In my opinion, the Flat White ($4.20) was not too high up on the acidity scale and leaning towards a medium body. In short, a decent cup of coffee.

Costa Coffee

A ‘new-ish’ chain of coffee cafes (Think, Starbucks) has been expanding quite rapidly in Singapore. And a fan of it, I am.

Costa Coffee serves decent coffee at average prices and the baristas do a decent job at the latte art too. While I was standing at the counter waiting for my coffee to be ready, I noticed that there was an occasion where the barista was not happy with the outcome of his latte art and opted to re-do it instead of serving it to the customer. Now, that’s perfectionism.

Baker and Cook

IMG 3732

Baker & Cook at Martin Road has been my go-to brunch place recently because of its close proximity to home. Its decent breakfast choices coupled with both the availability of seats and car-park space are reasons behind my choice.

The selection for breakfast items is rather limited with not more than 10 items on the menu, but what they do, they do well. If the usual breakfast items (i.e. big breakfast/eggs benedict) aren’t your cup of tea, there’s a selection of breads, salads and a rather wide selection of sweets (i.e. tarts – which are really good by the way, cakes and more)

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