La Ristrettos Cafe


If you’re thinking of where you should head to for good coffee and brunch, then give La Ristrettos a try! I’ve first heard about La Ristrettos from an ex-colleague, E, and his girlfriend who have sung praises of it for a long time.


Bangkok: NAHM

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Chef David Thompson’s restaurant serving modern Thai cuisine in Bangkok, NAHM, is probably one restaurant that has been awarded with the most number of awards in the past year or so. A few months ago, it took the No.1 spot in the S. Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and a few weeks back, it took the honour of No. 13 on The World’s Best 50 Restaurants. That said, both lists are published by the same company.

On the topic of rankings, the irony is that while I claim to not take heed of them, here I am visiting one of Bangkok’s top restaurants according to a reports list. At least, there were reviews by other food critics on magazines, newspapers and other bloggers which seem to make dining at NAHM, a rationale choice. The reviews found on Trip Advisor seemed relatively positive too.

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With heightened expectations, I walked into NAHM hoping that it would be a meal to remember.

Priced at THB 2,000 per person (about SGD 80), the set dinner menu allows you to pick items from the a-la-carte menu. The set dinner comprises of a selection of canapés, a choice of one dish from each section to be shared with diners on the table, followed by the dessert. The portion sizes are determined by the number of people ordering the set menu.

Bangkok: SabX Wanton Mee

SabX Wanton Noodles

SabX Wanton Noodles

Much has been written about this particular Wanton Noodles establishment in Bangkok – SabX Wanton Noodles. The menu is relatively simple – (1) Dry version; (2) Soup version. Don’t you love it (sometimes) when there are less options to choose from, in the already complex life that we live.

For what it’s worth, especially with all the hype surrounding it, I thought of it as being fairly decent. Granted, it was different as compared to our local renditions – read: more spicy (the “kick” comes in depending on the amount of chilli that you add yourself. Do note that portions are small but are perfect for a quick meal almost any time including in-between shopping trips to Platinum Shopping Mall (SabX is located opposite it).

To get there by foot, on the road opposite of Platinum Mall, walk towards Shibuya 19 Mall and McDonald’s (against the traffic flow). When you see the big M (i.e. McDonald’s), turn right into Soi 19. SabX is about 200 metres down that street.

SabX Wanton Noodles

Soi 19 Petchburi Road, Pratunam,
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok: Coconut Ice Cream, Chatuchak

Coconut Ice Cream

If memory serves, there was more than just the one stall dishing up servings of Coconut ice cream at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Word on the inter-webs is that one particular stall, located between Sections 1 and 2, serves the best rendition. But to be honest, any cold ice cream on a hot day would taste as perfect as the next.

If you’re there, give it a try. At less than SGD 2 for a serving with your choice of toppings (the selection varies from stall to stall, but generally includes corn, peanuts, glutinous rice, sweetened kidney beans),what’s stopping you!

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