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Cuc Gach Quan (Ho Chi Minh City)

When one is in Ho Chi Minh City (or affectionately, Saigon), it would be a mistake not to pay a visit to Cuc Gach Quan. The food served here comprises of very down-to-earth dishes that one would find in a typical Vietnamese home. There’s definitely no edible flowers or exquisite plating to speak off., but you do get humble dishes that speak right to the heart.

We ordered a few dishes to share and to tell you the truth, everything tasted wonderful – if only a tad on the salty side. Now, I’m not sure to what extent were the dishes authentic,  but a quick glance across the dining room shows both Vietnamese and tourists happily tucking into their meals.

The menu came across as somewhat mind boggling with pages and pages of the various dishes that Cuc Gach Quan had to offer – nothing that assistance from the English-speaking wait staff couldn’t help with. 

Five Spice Restaurant (Hanoi)

Five Spice Restaurant was the only restaurant that came packaged wit our Full Day City tour in Ha Noi, so expectations of the meal… well… we had none. With that in mind, the meal surpassed whatever expectations we had and came across as being a relatively safe lunch venue.

During our visit, we were the only table around and mind you, we were there during the peak hours of 12pm-1.30pm. But our tour guide had assured us, beforehand, that the meal would be decent. (But that’s part of their job, no?)

The decor of the restaurant was relatively pleasing to the eye, decked out in rather neutral colours and had simple paintings and replica musical instruments hung on the walls.

Seasons of Hanoi (Hanoi)

Hanoi oh Hanoi, how I miss you so… And writing this post is not helping matters.

We arrived into Hanoi late afternoon and pretty much unpacked our luggage. Not long after, we approached the concierge at the hotel to recommend to us a restaurant that served Classic Vietnamese cuisine, just to get ourselves in the mood for the few days that we had. Without much thought, Seasons of Hanoi, came to his mind. We agreed and reservations were made for that evening.

Actually, since we (or rather, I) were feeling rather peckish, we had already ventured out nearby to have a bowl of Pho Bo at a roadside stall. But, that’s another story for another time. Suffice to say, that was one of the best bowls that I’ve had the pleasure of having and only for (if memory serves), US$2.

Kichi Kichi Express Rotary Hotpot

Kichi Kichi Hotpot at Ngee Ann City - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Kichi Kichi made their presence felt in Singapore late April 2010 when they launched their first outlet in Citisquare Mall. Fast forward 2 months and they opened their 2nd outlet in Ngee Ann City, along Orchard Road.

Kichi Kichi operates on the concept to diners an ability create their own dining experience by selecting from one’s preferred stock and homemade sauce; Not fogetting the added convenience of a conveyor belt filled with food items , thus removing the need to leave one’s seat!

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