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Kaiho Sushi

Kaiho Sushi - Chirashi

Back in July 2011, a reader left the following comment on my post on Aoki that I’ve kept in mind ever since.

I go to another Nogawa trained Chef Bernard Tang at Kaiho Sushi for his Chirashi lunch set.

Fast forward 4 years later and Kaiho Sushi continues to exist amidst the ever-changing restaurant landscape in Singapore. Let’s be honest – 4 years in the restaurant world is much more than just 4 years with the number of openings and unfortunately closures, in a month. That sort of longevity, I hoped, would speak volume about the quality of the meal that I was about to have.

We had the Chirashi set (S$30++) that came with  a bowl filled with fresh slices of fish (including salmon, scallop, swordfish and ikura), a small serving of chawanmushi (pictured below) ending with a scoop of ice cream.

For S$30++, we were definitely more than satisfied with the quantity and quality of the sashimi and walked out of the restaurant feeling delighted at our value-for-money meal. 

Kuriya Dining


After a few visits to the restaurant located on the first floor of Great World City, I have come to like Kuriya Dining – especially so for their lunch sets ($45++ if memory serves me well). If anything, the quality of the food and level of service never seems to deteriorate regardless of how busy the restaurant gets. The lunch sets change on a monthly basis which makes for a greater reason to visit the restaurant ever so often.

Instead of having all the dishes presented to you all at once like a bento box, the dishes are served to you on a per course basis, much like a Western meal. 


There are many sushi joints in Singapore, from the places that serve from the conveyer belt (Sakae Sushi and Sushi Tei), to slightly more upmarket chains like book radiant Itacho Sushi and upmarket joints like Tatsuya, Ginza Sushi Ichi and Aoki Restaurant. But within that fairly congested list, lies Nogawa. Nogawa is perhaps, my favourite sushi joint, where I tend to see myself returning ever so often. And of course, prices are fairly reasonable with a pure sushi lunch omakase meal (what is shown in this review) for S$60++

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