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Una, Rochester Park


How does a restaurant stand out from amongst the crowd? One way, as UNA at One Rochester has, is to open a European restaurant that serves up dishes from 3 cuisines – French, Italian or Spanish. Whether it’s confusion or a show of creativity, that’s ultimately for the diner to decide. My take? I’m always game for choice!

To put things short, UNA Tapas Bar is the reincarnation of the old One Rochester. What has changed is its dining concept (gone with the communal dining, in with the small plates). Many restaurants have indeed gone down this path and I wonder, is the concept of small plates a phase in the development of Singapore’s culinary experience or one that is here to stay perpetually. 

Divido, Mount Hawthorn (Perth)

Divido is a modern Italian restaurant along Scarborough Beach Road in Mount Hawthorn. Make no mistake about Divido – she is not your run-of-the-mill Italian restaurant. At this juncture, you ought to get pictures of large portions of pasta tossed in traditional sauces out of your mind. Instead, think multi-course, almost French fine dining style cuisine.

Otto Locanda

A few weeks back, I remember reading somewhere in the newspapers or magazines that “French is the new Italian”. This was in reference to the recent sprouting of French bistros and restaurants in Singapore. Well, fans of Italian cuisine, fret not; there’s a new kid in town – OTTO Locanda.

Some time back in February/March, Chef Michele Pavanello of OTTO Ristorante, told me of his plans to open up a casual, informal Italian trattoria at Maxwell Chambers. Of course, the location at Maxwell Chambers makes perfect sense; OTTO Ristorante is a short walk away being located at the red dot Traffic Building.

So when Chef Michele told me that they were hosting a private dinner for his business associates and regular customers to try the new menu, I was more than delighted to attend. 

Extra Virgin Pizza

An addition to the string of restaurants The Lo & Behold Group has under its belt, Extra Virgin Pizza is located on the ground floor of Tower One of Asia Square along Marina View at Marina Bay in the heart of the CBD.

Its somewhat cheeky name is actually a reference to the quality and purity of extra virgin olive oil. Extra Virgin pizzas are handmade with globally sourced premium ingredients and baked to order in twin brick ovens. Untainted by artificial ingredients, Extra Virgin uses Italian double-zero flour, California organic Saporito tomatoes, and premium imported cheeses and toppings.

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