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Yan Ting Dim Sum at St. Regis Hotel

Yan Ting feels like dim sum heaven to me, in Singapore, at least. It is, in my opinion, that it’s on par with my other favourite dim sum joint, Royal China at Raffles Hotel, with the former being a little more grandiose in terms of ambience and ingredients. My other favourite dim sum joint is Wah Lok at Carlton Hotel which serves equally good dim sum choices.

Prices at Yan Ting are definitely a little higher when compared with some other outlets, but the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves. The overall feel of the restaurant too, is a notch up of the rest. Coming from Perth, I must add that even dim sum at Yan Ting seems cheap when compared to the Chinese restaurants here. Affordability is relative, no?

Australian Dairy Company (Hong Kong)

Just hours before our flight back to Singapore, we made a quick stop over at Australian Dairy Company for some steamed egg and iced tea.

The name, Australian Dairy Company, is quite a misnomer by itself, since it isn’t a milk or cheese company. The scrambled eggs at Australian Dairy Company are good, but we were just done with a satisfying meal at Yeung Kee just an hour before and had no space left to stomach more food!

Ming Yuen Noodles (Hong Kong)

A random late night supper stop brought us to Ming Yuen Noodles, a nondescript noodle house in Kowloon. Ming Yuen Noodles has quite a few branches in Hong Kong and by most accounts, the reviews of the other outlets seem rather similar – being rather average.

To be honest, we were rather famished by the time the food arrived, but even with that in mind, the meal at Ming Yuen did come across as being rather disappointing.

For those of you who like their rice, in particular ‘hot-potted rice’ dishes, do read a review of another Hong Kong establishment that specializes in it – Four Seasons Pot Rice

Yung Kee Restaurant, Central (Hong Kong)

“The goose that lost its star” was how a friend of mine called it. Well, star or no star, I’m pleased to report that the Roasted Goose at Yung Kee in Hong Kong is as good as I remember it to be – 10 months ago! It’s good to know that some things just, never change.

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