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Bangkok, Thailand: SabX Wanton Mee

SabX Wanton Noodles

SabX Wanton Noodles

Much has been written about this particular Wanton Noodles establishment in Bangkok – SabX Wanton Noodles. The menu is relatively simple – (1) Dry version; (2) Soup version. Don’t you love it (sometimes) when there are less options to choose from, in the already complex life that we live.

For what it’s worth, especially with all the hype surrounding it, I thought of it as being fairly decent. Granted, it was different as compared to our local renditions – read: more spicy (the “kick” comes in depending on the amount of chilli that you add yourself. Do note that portions are small but are perfect for a quick meal almost any time including in-between shopping trips to Platinum Shopping Mall (SabX is located opposite it).

To get there by foot, on the road opposite of Platinum Mall, walk towards Shibuya 19 Mall and McDonald’s (against the traffic flow). When you see the big M (i.e. McDonald’s), turn right into Soi 19. SabX is about 200 metres down that street.

SabX Wanton Noodles

Soi 19 Petchburi Road, Pratunam,
Bangkok, Thailand

Restaurant Week 2014: Forest, Resorts World Sentosa


The last restaurant that we visited during Restaurant Week 2014 was Forest by Chef Sam Leong (formerly of Tunglok) at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) Singapore. Suffice to say, it was the least enjoyable as compared to the other 2 restaurants that we patronized during Restaurant Week. Click here to read reviews on those 2 restaurants: Review 1 on OSIA and Review 2 on Summer Palace.

Forest was awarded 1 Dining Star by DiningCity, the organizer of Restaurant Week in Singapore; which meant a surcharge of S$20++ for applicable for dinner.

Restaurant Week 2014: Summer Palace, Regent Hotel, Singapore


Summer Palace has been one of the more memorable, if not the most memorable, meals that I’ve had during recent sessions of Restaurant Week. They have 2 or 3 Restaurant Weeks in a year, no? This of course, is entirely my personal opinion. A quick glance at the Restaurant Week’s reviews page for Summer Palace (see: showed that it has garnered relatively mixed reviews.

Kim Heng HK Roasted Meat


As with most Singaporeans’ conversations around the dining table go, many a time they revolve around food. During one of those dinners as part of the Lunar New Year visitations, my uncle recommended a stall to me somewhere in Serangoon when I briefly mentioned that Roasted Duck is one of my favourite hawker foods.

And so, I specifically made a trip down. I was definitely not disappointed. The Roasted Duck was moist and succulent whilst the roasted pork had minimum fat in between the layers with a crispy crackling on top. 

Yan Ting Dim Sum at St. Regis Hotel

Yan Ting feels like dim sum heaven to me, in Singapore, at least. It is, in my opinion, that it’s on par with my other favourite dim sum joint, Royal China at Raffles Hotel, with the former being a little more grandiose in terms of ambience and ingredients. My other favourite dim sum joint is Wah Lok at Carlton Hotel which serves equally good dim sum choices.

Prices at Yan Ting are definitely a little higher when compared with some other outlets, but the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves. The overall feel of the restaurant too, is a notch up of the rest. Coming from Perth, I must add that even dim sum at Yan Ting seems cheap when compared to the Chinese restaurants here. Affordability is relative, no?

Australian Dairy Company (Hong Kong)

Just hours before our flight back to Singapore, we made a quick stop over at Australian Dairy Company for some steamed egg and iced tea.

The name, Australian Dairy Company, is quite a misnomer by itself, since it isn’t a milk or cheese company. The scrambled eggs at Australian Dairy Company are good, but we were just done with a satisfying meal at Yeung Kee just an hour before and had no space left to stomach more food!

Ming Yuen Noodles (Hong Kong)

A random late night supper stop brought us to Ming Yuen Noodles, a nondescript noodle house in Kowloon. Ming Yuen Noodles has quite a few branches in Hong Kong and by most accounts, the reviews of the other outlets seem rather similar – being rather average.

To be honest, we were rather famished by the time the food arrived, but even with that in mind, the meal at Ming Yuen did come across as being rather disappointing.

For those of you who like their rice, in particular ‘hot-potted rice’ dishes, do read a review of another Hong Kong establishment that specializes in it – Four Seasons Pot Rice

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