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Sin Lee Foods

Sin Lee Foods - Flat White (S$5.50)

Flat White (S$5.50)

Located at the foot of a HDB block in the Bukit Ho Swee estate is Sin Lee Foods. It is one of the newer entrants to the retro indie cafe scene in Singapore. But I’m not complaining. Sin Lee serves up pretty decent cups of coffee and its proximity to home makes it all the merrier.

The coffee, while nothing mind-blowing, is always served with a meticulously done up latte art. Perfect for Instagram. If memory serves, they use blends roasted by Papa Pahleta.

The Fabulous Baker Boy

IMG 0302

So guess what… it’s another Brunch post on 

Located opposite Liang Court, within the compounds of the old River Valley Swimming Complex (for those who remember the swimming pool) at the foot of Fort Canning Hill lies The Fabulous Baker Boy. By the way, the compound is literally called, “Foothills”.

What I like about this place are its really affordable cafe prices and while the food is not much of a shout-out, it’s more than decent. Speaking of food, the menu serves up some of the classics like eggs benedict, big breakfast sets and pot pies. And those of you who cannot live without their sweets, they have quite a selection of cakes on display (which I hear are pretty good too!)


db Bistro Moderne

Asia's Dining Destination - db Modern Bistro- Marina Bay Sands (12)

I enjoyed my first dining destination as part of the Asia’s Dining Destination which saw us having dinner at db Bistro Moderne, helmed by Executive Chef Stephane Istel (Pictured above holding a slab of Kagoshima beef ready to be split and plated for our table).

 To be honest, my experience at db was perhaps the most enjoyable of the lot, so much so that when a close friend’s birthday came around, we both chose to have dinner at db (On our own expense, of course)  To dine at a restaurant twice in the short span of 2 weeks says quite a bit, I’ll say. I’ll blog about that particular dining experience shortly too! 

REDD Restaurant (Napa Valley)

So, this is my first post on the Napa Valley, California. Napa Valley – I’ve missed you so; The breath of fresh air, a respite from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco (AND Singapore) and the food and oh, the wines and their pairings. Redd is helmed by Executive Chef Richard Reddington, who has worked in the kitchens of high-profile restaurants such as Park Avenue Café, Rubicon, Spago Beverly Hills, Jardinière, and Auberge du Soleil and counts Daniel Boulud and Wolfgang Puck as his mentors. P.s. No need for guesses as to where the name of the restaurant came from. 

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