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Saint Pierre

Hot on the heels of my last review of another French restaurant (Le Saint Julien) in Singapore comes yet-another pictorial of one of my favourite restaurants, Saint Pierre. If you’ve missed out on my previous reviews, here are some of them – ONE, TWO, THREE and FOUR. A small disclaimer would be that the Saint Pierre has gone through a few chef changes over the years, and so has the menu (and prices).

If food is not the attraction, then the service is. I was here a few days after my birthday and upon being seated, the assistant manager came around to my table and wished me a happy birthday. It was a small, but really thoughtful gesture. The wonders of Facebook, I’d say.

Le Saint Julien

It’s not running easy a food-and-beverage establishment anywhere, much less, in a scene with stiff competition; I read with much disappointment that Le Saint Julien will be serving her last diner come January 2013. (See ST article) Let’s face it, Singaporeans want a whiff of fresh air every now and then, especially when old is good. Add that to rising operating costs and difficulty in hiring, I wasn’t quite surprised when this was announced in the papers recently.

Le Saint Julien is somewhat of a stalwart in the French fine dining scene here in Singapore, being one of the few who started up way before big overseas names (a.k.a. celebrity chefs) established outposts here. Other home-grown names that fall within the same peer group include, Les Amis and Emmanuel Stroobant’s Saint Pierre. The restaurant’s own website lists, Raffles Grill, Harbour Grill and Les Amis as its competitors when Chef Julien Bompard left Raffles Hotel, where he was Deputy Executive Chef, first started Le Saint Julien in 2003.

Yan Ting Dim Sum at St. Regis Hotel

Yan Ting feels like dim sum heaven to me, in Singapore, at least. It is, in my opinion, that it’s on par with my other favourite dim sum joint, Royal China at Raffles Hotel, with the former being a little more grandiose in terms of ambience and ingredients. My other favourite dim sum joint is Wah Lok at Carlton Hotel which serves equally good dim sum choices.

Prices at Yan Ting are definitely a little higher when compared with some other outlets, but the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves. The overall feel of the restaurant too, is a notch up of the rest. Coming from Perth, I must add that even dim sum at Yan Ting seems cheap when compared to the Chinese restaurants here. Affordability is relative, no?

Divido, Mount Hawthorn (Perth)

Divido is a modern Italian restaurant along Scarborough Beach Road in Mount Hawthorn. Make no mistake about Divido – she is not your run-of-the-mill Italian restaurant. At this juncture, you ought to get pictures of large portions of pasta tossed in traditional sauces out of your mind. Instead, think multi-course, almost French fine dining style cuisine.

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