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Rokeby Cafe

IMG 0847

Rokeby Road, for many of us who studied in Perth, refers to one particular street in the Subiaco suburb near my university. The street, lined with cafes, restaurants, and retail boutiques on both sides, brings back many memories of my time in Perth. It definitely does not feel like it has been 6 months since I’ve graduated from a place that I’ve called home for close to 2 years.

Anyway, ever since the day that I learnt that a new cafe, Rokeby, has set up shop somewhere along Boundary Road from a friend, I’ve had my mind set on paying it a visit. Last weekend, I decided to make an impromptu trip there, no reservations in tow. As luck would have it, it happened that a table was available, this considering how the cafe pretty much had to reject walk-ins just 10 minutes later. NB: Reservations highly recommended.

Kim Heng HK Roasted Meat


As with most Singaporeans’ conversations around the dining table go, many a time they revolve around food. During one of those dinners as part of the Lunar New Year visitations, my uncle recommended a stall to me somewhere in Serangoon when I briefly mentioned that Roasted Duck is one of my favourite hawker foods.

And so, I specifically made a trip down. I was definitely not disappointed. The Roasted Duck was moist and succulent whilst the roasted pork had minimum fat in between the layers with a crispy crackling on top. 

Violet Oon’s Kitchen

Violet Oon's Kitchen - Chicken Churry

Violet Oon…. Well, she’s quite the brand name herself – she’s an accomplished cookbook author and one of Singapore’s home grown celebrities. She’s helmed cafes and restaurants on-and-off over the years with emphasis on what she does best – Peranakan cuisine. Her latest venture sees her teaming up with her family members in opening up Violet Oon’s Kitchen along Bukit Timah Road, just before Old Holland Road, between Bar Bar Black Sheep and Forture Steamboat Restaurant.

Violet Oon’s Kitchen is one of those restaurants that you really, really want to say that you love it so much that a re-visit in definitely on the cards….But, there’s always a But. 

Le Bistrot du Sommelier

Back on the French theme recently, one of the better mid-priced French meals that I’ve had recently was at Le Bistrot du Sommelier.  Throw away the misconception that you have about French restaurants (which in no small part have come from the rise of fine dining restaurants in previous years) that French dining is all about multi-course meals, small portion sizes and ridiculous prices. Helmed by co-owner, Chef Patrick Heuberger, the restaurant serves up hearty, classic French dishes at affordable restaurant prices (and with portion sizes to boot).

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