About Glenn

About Glenn

Hello there,

Thank you for visiting my humble abode on the world wide web.

Born and raised in the sunny island of Singapore, I love to explore and savour the flavours that the many cuisines of the world offer. From the spices of Indian food to the exotics of Mediterranean cuisine, I will not hesitate to stop for a moment and take in the smells and tastes.

The sole purpose of my blog is to document my gastronomic journey that has taken me across continents. My blog has been with me through my National Service Days (2008-2010), my time at the University of Western Australia (2010-2012) and through my auditing career (2012-onwards).

With age comes experience, they say and I must admit that with time I have come to learnt that true joy of food is never derived from having an array of well presented dishes but when they’re shared with people you love and care about. For that I’m grateful to my loving wife, Jia Hui, who has stuck with me through the years.

Photography Equipment

Whilst on the rare occasion I do take my trusty Canon 7D DSLR out, most of my photos these days are  taken on the Apple iPhone. Not wanting to sound too much like an Apple fan boy, the Apple iPhone captures excellent photographs especially in low-light situations.


This blog represents my own personal views. Please leave your comments should you have any comments on my posts or of the blog in general.

Copyright of content and images

All content and images ©Glenn Lee, unless otherwise specified, and cannot be used without permission.

Contact Me

Please use the form on the Contact Me page. Alternatively, please e-mail me at glenn@hungryepicurean.com.

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