Johore Bahru: Faculty of Caffeine

Johore Bahru: Faculty of Caffeine

Johore Bahru - Faculty of Caffeine

The previous week, we paid a visit to another night org cafe in Johore Bahru, Faculty of Caffeine. Little did we know that Faculty of Caffeine was opened by the same good people behind the recently blogged, The Replacement.

Located along Jalan Trus in the vicinity of IT Roo Cafe (which serves up good ole’ Hainanese Chicken chop), the cafe itself is small and dark – a stark contrast from the somewhat large sitting capacity for a cafe and white wash walls of The Replacement. 

Johore Bahru - Faculty of Caffeine

We shared the Green Power breakfast platter that set us back only RM 19.50, a steal when compared to what the cafes in our lovely Singapore would charge.

The platter consisted of Fresh avocado atop a slice of toast, buttery spinach, sautéed mushrooms, creamy scrambled eggs, chicken ham/beef bacon. Each element of the platter turned out well, but if I were to compare and if I were brutally honest, I thought that the platter that we had at The Replacement was much better.

The coffee, like at The Replacement, paled in comparison to the savoury offerings. I’m still on the lookout for a cafe that serves excellent coffee in Johore. Please do drop me a note if you know of one!

Johore Bahru - Faculty of Caffeine


BTW, if you’re thinking of going to Johore and want to try out some of what Johore has to offer, I would like to point you to a blog that I frequently read – JohorKaki. His blog is updated ever so frequently and the posts are well written.

Faculty of Caffeine

106, Jalan Trus,
Johor Bahru

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