Summer Palace

Summer Palace


Summer Palace has been one of the more memorable, if not the most memorable, meals that I’ve had during recent sessions of Restaurant Week. They have 2 or 3 Restaurant Weeks in a year, no? This of course, is entirely my personal opinion. A quick glance at the Restaurant Week’s reviews page for Summer Palace (see: showed that it has garnered relatively mixed reviews.


Amuse Bouche – Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce


Summer Palace Combination Platter (Suckling Pig, Wasabi Prawn and Soft Shell Crab)

The suckling pig was really good. My only gripe, it came in too small a portion. The decadent delicacy was roasted to perfection with a crackling that was to be desired. The wasabi prawn and the soft shell crab were, if you will, reasonable.


Double-boiled Sea Whelk Soup with Chinese Tonic and Fish Maw

In my opinion, the soup was the highlight of the meal. As with most Cantonese restaurants, the chefs take pride in producing excellent soups. I hope that is the case with the chefs of Summer Palace. In any case, the soup that came out of the kitchen that evening was good – clean tasting with condiments and seasoning used sparingly.


Stir-fried egg white with Crabmeat and Pine nuts

Well seasoned and well cooked, there was nary a complaint to be said about this dish. The pine nuts gave the dish, a much needed texture.


Wok- Fried Beef Cubes with Soya Sauce and Garden Greens

The wok-fried beef cubes were really good; they were tender – perhaps a little too tender. I highly suspect the use of meat tenderizers is in play here, but truth be told, which Chinese establishment doesn’t.


Stewed Ee-Fu Noodles with Shrimp and Mushroom

For carbohydrates, a simple dish of stewed ee fu noodles with chopped up prawns and mushrooms was presented. Granted, the dish was not a stellar highlight but in all honesty, there was nothing to fault about this dish. Evenly cooked noodles with a hint of wok-hei. If anything, the prawns should have been left whole but that’s purely for aesthetic purposes.


Combination of Desserts

This was my first visit to Summer Palace and I am pretty sure that this will not be the last. A flip through the regular menus do show much promise. In fact, this was my first visit to The Regent Hotel. In any case, A grand old dame which whilst maintaining her somewhat grandoise interior is let down by maintenance deficiencies, in particular, a distinct stench of urine at the staircase heading down to the car park which made for an unpleasant entrance and exit from the hotel premises.

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