OSIA, Resorts World Sentosa

OSIA, Resorts World Sentosa


The only restaurant that I visited during Restaurant Week that serves western cuisine was OSIA, A brief introduction, OSIA is located along Festive Walk at Resorts World Sentosa and serves up Australian inspired cuisine. When they first launched back in 2010 or so, the media used to put much emphasis on it being run (or launched) by an Australian celebrity chef, Scott Webster. These days, I believe the restaurant prefers to let its dishes speak for themselves rather than drawing focus on the celebrity chef affiliation. That affiliation, by most accounts, seems to be that of a consultant in any case.

The Restaurant Week menu was one that surprised me – there was no cutting back of dishes from the usual set lunch menu, save for a $5 discount. The RW menu was never uploaded to the RW website so, it was a pleasant surprise. A great deal, I must confess.


The wait staff recommended to have an additional serving of Osia’s signature flat breads (half/half serving of Truffled olive and Cheese). I’ve had them before on my previous visit and am glad to report that they’re still as good as I remember them to be. I can’t remember what the exact cost was, but I don’t recall it to be excessively expensive – priced somewhere below S$15++.

The description of the flat bread, if you will, is best described as “freshly baked upon order directly on the floor of a wood fired oven. The bread has a delightfully crisp crust, and is gorgeously airy and chewy on the inside.” I could not have described it any better than what was available on OSIA’s website.

The olive oil accompanying the dish made for an excellent dip, so were the pistachio cream cheese and butter.

Restaurant Week set lunch menus traditionally come with 3 courses – 1 appetizer, 1 main and 1 dessert. Between the both of us, we had 2 appetizers, 2 mains and had the same dessert.


The first appetizer was a serving of Yellowtail Amerjack and Norwegian Prawn, Citrus Cured, Piment d’Espelette, Escabeche Emulsion. Fresh seafood coupled with the dish being clean and easy to the palate, this is one dish that could not be faulted.

If you read the description of the dish and let out a silent huh? at (i) Piment d’Espelette and (ii) Escabeche Emulsion. Fret not, you’re not alone; I had to Google too…..

The Piment d’Espelette refers to the bits of red specks you see in the dish.

Espelette pepper is a variety of chili pepper that is cultivated in the French commune of Espelette. This pepper attains only a grade of 4,000 on the Scoville scale and therefore can be considered not hot. It can be purchased as festoons of fresh or dried peppers, as ground pepper, or puréed or pickled in jars. Source: Wikipedia

Escabeche refers to a dressing made with pickled jalapeños peppers.


The other appetizer that came our way was the Carrot Orange Ginger Soup, Smoked Trout, Parlsey. A relatively common combination that simply cannot go wrong. The addition of the smoked trout added a much needed texture to the soup. The soup was puréed perfectly with no lumps whatsoever.

If I were to sum it up in a single word, refreshing.


Both main courses were executed well; safe, if you will. Oxtail, Compressed, Caramelized, Onion Puree, Vegetable Stew (pictured above) and Pork Cheek , Apple Polenta, Chorizo Olive Sauce (pictured below)


The dessert of choice was the Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup, Black Peppered Ice Cream Sesame Crisp. A signature of Osia, the dessert continues to be, in my opinion, the weak link in a rather stellar lunch menu.

Besides having black pepper bits inside the ice-cream, which admittedly does dull one’s enjoyment of the ice cream, the chocolate soup was really nothing more than molten chocolate in a cup.


If I were to raise another weak link, the complimentary coffee that was served alongside lunch was weak and lacking in aroma.


The Restaurant Week menu cost S$40++ but since Restaurant Week has ended, a similar 3 course lunch at OSIA would set you back at S$45++, which considering the portion sizes and options available is relatively value for money.

Osia Restaurant
Resorts World Sentosa
Festive Walk Crockfords Tower
8 Sentosa Gateway
Telephone: +65-6577-6560

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  1. we have been back there 3 times, since the end of last year!! All their tube dips to go with the breads are fatatsnic, we had a macadamia cheese which was awesome too!And their olive bread is worth a try as well! Only problem is that their set menu doesnt change. They keep offering the same choices.

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