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Opened by the same guys who run The Bravery and The Plain is a relatively new cafe, RONIN. Similar to those 2 establishments, they utilize the Genovese coffee blend. In my opinion, the Flat White ($4.20) was not too high up on the acidity scale and leaning towards a medium body. In short, a decent cup of coffee.

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The Dirty Ronin ($12.00) is one of RONIN’s specialities. (Considering how they have <10 items on the ‘menu’). The sandwich consisting of a primarily cheese, and spicy went well with the coffee, with the acidity of the coffee cutting through the savoriness of the chorizo.

Speaking of menus, there’s none at RONIN per-se. The wait staff will inform you of what is available for both drinks and food items. When I visited them and by most accounts, here are <10 items on the menu (i.e. 4 or so sandwiches, scrambled eggs and french toast and no sweet treats).

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I like the general vibe of the cafe, but if I were to nitpick, having those low rise sofas in the front of the cafe would be a downer if there was to be a peak hour rush, say brunch hour on the the weekends. That and the limited menu available.

There’s always a fine line between simple and too simple. Just my 2 cents, anyway.

17 Hongkong St

P.S. They don’t take reservations and seating space is somewhat limited.

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  1. Ohh..was planning to check out this cafe but a tad more hesitant now after reading your review 🙁 Get what you mean by being simple and too simple.. ><

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