Kuriya Dining

Kuriya Dining


After a few visits to the restaurant located on the first floor of Great World City, I have come to like Kuriya Dining – especially so for their lunch sets ($45++ if memory serves me well). If anything, the quality of the food and level of service never seems to deteriorate regardless of how busy the restaurant gets. The lunch sets change on a monthly basis which makes for a greater reason to visit the restaurant ever so often.

Instead of having all the dishes presented to you all at once like a bento box, the dishes are served to you on a per course basis, much like a Western meal. 



For the first course, you are presented with a few appetisers elegantly presented together on a plate. 

(Clockwise, starting with the far-most left item)

Flowery lily bulb

Rolled conger eel with burdock – This was absolutely a delight to savour. If only it came in a bigger piece……

Seasoned cucumber and celery with bonito blakes

Simmered scallop with truffle sauce – This was my favourite item amongst the items presented. The scallop was cooked well and the truffle sauce did not overwhelm the flavour of the scallop.

Simmered prawn marinated with saikyo miso


Grilled Item

Grilled salmon with foie gras miso sauce and shredded sautéed potato with butter served on top of simmered winter melon

That said, the combination of salmon/cod with miso/foie gras/mirin is appearing all too often in restaurant menus these days that I am getting quite jaded about them. Boring and safe it may be, it was very well executed – nothing short of what I would have expected a restaurant of Kuriya’s reputation to serve up. 

The simmered winter melon worked well to lend a clean profile to the more heavy tasting foie gras miso sauce.

Side note, I don’t quite understand the pairing of the puff pastry and the grilled item. It feels more like an afterthought. Do you concur?


Hot Pot

Tuna head meat hot pot served in Miso Kimchi Soup

Yes, you read it right. “Tuna head meat” was exactly what was stated in the menu. Maybe it’s just me but that sounded weird on paper although it makes for a perfect description.

The miso kimchi soup was good – I drank it to the very last drop. It was not laden with pure salt (i.e. miso soups that come free with your bentos from the sushi chain restaurants) but flavourful enough to entice you to have a second helping each time you have a spoonful of it.

The soup made for a great cooking medium for the “tuna head meat” which turned out nothing short of tender when cooked.




Today’s assorted sushi served with vegetable miso soup

There is an option to upgrade the set’s assorted sushi to a selection of “premium sushi” (e.g. sea urchin – uni, better tuna cuts (chutoro, otoro) instead of the standard Salmon and Tuna (Maguro). I believe the upgrade would cost an additional S$15++ in addition to the cost of the lunch.

The sushi rice felt a tad too dry for my liking, with a few grains falling out as you lift each piece with your chopsticks. On the flip side, the fish were fresh and were not cut improperly (e.g. with tendons)


Dessert of the day
I’m not sure if the Black seasame ice cream is made in-house but it did serve its purpose of putting a sweet ending to the meal. The macaron left much to be desired though. 
Coffee or Tea

Coffee or Tea comes part of the Lunch Set which is a nice change after having filled up our bellies with Japanese Green Tea (Ocha).
Photos taken on an Apple iPhone 5.

Kuriya Dining

Great World City #01-28

Tel.: +65 6736 0888

Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm (Last order: 2.15pm)
Dinner: 6.00pm – 10.30pm (Last order: 10.00pm)

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