Kim Heng HK Roasted Meat

Kim Heng HK Roasted Meat


As with most Singaporeans’ conversations around the dining table go, many a time they revolve around food. During one of those dinners as part of the Lunar New Year visitations, my uncle recommended a stall to me somewhere in Serangoon when I briefly mentioned that Roasted Duck is one of my favourite hawker foods.

And so, I specifically made a trip down. I was definitely not disappointed. The Roasted Duck was moist and succulent whilst the roasted pork had minimum fat in between the layers with a crispy crackling on top. 


Additionally, the meats were not overly seasoned which certainly is a positive. Prices here are anything but expensive. An assorted serving of roasted duck, char siew and roasted pork belly with 2 portions of white rice amounts to about S$15 for two people.


There is an adjacent stall serving up Chinese, Cantonese-style soups which are pretty good too. I could be wrong but I believe both stalls are related parties.



Kim Heng HK Roasted Meat
Block 214, Serangoon Avenue 4, 01-88
Telephone: +65 6283-3695,
Opens daily: 8.30am to 7pm (Note: the stall owners may decide to close early when they run out)

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    1. Th&1a#82t7;s great that you made all your meals and didn’t have to go out to buy lunch! I made similar meals this week too, all just like yours: simple, delicious and lots of veggies! I definitely wing it when it comes to running. I know it’s time to run when I just get this sudden urge like “I have to go running right now!”. Lol that sounds so Forrest Gump.

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