Le Bistrot du Sommelier

Le Bistrot du Sommelier

Back on the French theme recently, one of the better mid-priced French meals that I’ve had recently was at Le Bistrot du Sommelier.  Throw away the misconception that you have about French restaurants (which in no small part have come from the rise of fine dining restaurants in previous years) that French dining is all about multi-course meals, small portion sizes and ridiculous prices. Helmed by co-owner, Chef Patrick Heuberger, the restaurant serves up hearty, classic French dishes at affordable restaurant prices (and with portion sizes to boot).

I enjoyed my meals at Au Petit Salut when Chef Patrick was helming the kitchens back in the day, but since he moved to set up LBS with partner, Max, I’ve been to Le Bistrot a few times before at their previous location opposite Peace Centre but have never blogged about it before. Moreover, the tiny restaurant coupled with the bad lighting made taking photographs of the dishes all the more harder.

One thing, however, remains from its previous location. Reservations are a definite must – this is one restaurant that you cannot expect to walk in on a Friday night without a reservation. The likelihood of you being turned away is rather rather, unfortunately.

I highly recommend the Sautéed Frog Legs to start with and do try their home made rillettes if you’re there.

Cuisses de grenouilles – Sauteed frog legs with garlic and parsley, mixed salad (S$26++)

Poulet au vinaigre – Braised French chicken leg in vinegar and tomatoes servied with gratin of potatoes (S$28++)

Cuisse de canard confite aux choix – French duck leg confit

Served with beetroot salad and greens (S$28++) OR
Cassoulet Style: Streaky bacon, pork sausage, lamb shoulder baked in a white beans stew (S$34++)

Complimentary Warm Crusty Bread

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier

53 Armenian street,
Singapore 188675

Telephone: +65 6333 1982






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