Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre

Hot on the heels of my last review of another French restaurant (Le Saint Julien) in Singapore comes yet-another pictorial of one of my favourite restaurants, Saint Pierre. If you’ve missed out on my previous reviews, here are some of them – ONE, TWO, THREE and FOUR. A small disclaimer would be that the Saint Pierre has gone through a few chef changes over the years, and so has the menu (and prices).

If food is not the attraction, then the service is. I was here a few days after my birthday and upon being seated, the assistant manager came around to my table and wished me a happy birthday. It was a small, but really thoughtful gesture. The wonders of Facebook, I’d say.

Complimentary Bread that never fails to satisfy the rumbling stomach.

A trio of amuse bouches is served before the meal started – all of which were decent, but nothing mind blowing.

PORC $42

barbecued iberico pork secreto with rapeseed stems, leek dauphine dumplings, pomegranate, leek flower, calamansi and parsley cress


smoked duck breast with orange pearls, carrot puree, green tea and earl grey reduction, grilled asparagus and pea tendrils

I really enjoyed by smoked duck breast – they were perfect slight pink in the middle and each bite brought much depth in flavour to the palate. The tart orange pearls accompanied the duck well.


oven-baked miso marinated black cod with sweet potato puree, japanese yam balls, orange segments, purple shiso, sauteed cauliflower florets and thyme foam

The signature dish of Saint Pierre spiced up with fanciful ingredients.


warm line caught french sea bass with salad of nasturtium, water chestnuts, buckler sorel, smoked eel with black currants, rapeseed flower, mashed potato and yuzu jelly


grandma stroobant’s flourless chocolate cake with summer truffle and hazelnut custard, chocolate soil and yuzu gel

The signature dessert at Saint Pierre that never fails to please, if only a tad boring.


white peaches with peach nougat, lychee yoghurt, lemon verbena and blood peach rocks

Something that is light to the palate makes for a perfect ending for the meal. This is definitely for someone who likes their dessert not too sweet.

Again, remember, the menu at Saint Pierre changes quite frequently. I would recommend that you visit their website before heading down. Reservations are a must!

Saint Pierre French Restaurant

3 Magazine Road
#01-01 Central Mall

Tel: +65 6438 0887



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  1. Even if the taste doesn’t impress, st pierre’s presentation is always flawless! I’ll never forget jardin botanique (:

  2. I might have to hit you up for some recommendations for our visits to Singapore over the next few months!

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