Cuc Gach Quan (Ho Chi Minh City)

Cuc Gach Quan (Ho Chi Minh City)

When one is in Ho Chi Minh City (or affectionately, Saigon), it would be a mistake not to pay a visit to Cuc Gach Quan. The food served here comprises of very down-to-earth dishes that one would find in a typical Vietnamese home. There’s definitely no edible flowers or exquisite plating to speak off., but you do get humble dishes that speak right to the heart.

We ordered a few dishes to share and to tell you the truth, everything tasted wonderful – if only a tad on the salty side. Now, I’m not sure to what extent were the dishes authentic,  but a quick glance across the dining room shows both Vietnamese and tourists happily tucking into their meals.

The menu came across as somewhat mind boggling with pages and pages of the various dishes that Cuc Gach Quan had to offer – nothing that assistance from the English-speaking wait staff couldn’t help with. 

Prices are extremely affordable. Our lunch set us back about US$20 per person including drinks- which may be more than the average check at a roadside stall, but you do get quality food in a comfortable environment.

Some of the dishes that we tried include their both their fresh and deep-fried variations of the ubiquitous spring roll, homemade tofu and the stewed ‘river fish’.

This restaurant, being one of the most popular dining destinations in Saigon, tends to get somewhat crowded during peak hours – reservations are a definite must. If you encounter any problems with the making of the reservations, ask your friendly hotel concierge – we did.

 Cuc Gach Quan, Ho Chi Minh City

10 Dang Tat, Ward Tan Dinh, District 1, Saigon, Vietnam
Tel: +84 8 38 48 01 44

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  1. Glenn ladsy, sometimes I feel you can teleport. One moment a Singapore post, the next in Sydney. And all of a sudden, you are in Ho Chi Ming =.=!! It looks splendid aye, the food you had! But for 20 bucks lolx that is really quite a lot compared to road side hehe. But it really looked yummy!!!

    How was the street food in the city? Were they tantalizing?

  2. hey hey… singapore is not a bnroig city…but in term of fashion?? hmm…okie okie laa…hey…u hv to stop by over at haji lane..theres plenty young hip shops..dun’t forget to snap plenty’s of photo’s k.. hv fun in singapore cheersadi-sg

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