Bistro Jeanty (Napa Valley)

Bistro Jeanty (Napa Valley)

I apologize for the lack of new posts recently; with the assignments now over and exams looming in a week, I thought that I’ll quickly publish one of the drafts in my ever-growing back log. Do expect new posts after the 16th of June – I have so many new places that I am just dying to share with you.

This entry is of my meal from many (many) months back and to be exact, end of December 2010. But, it was one of the meals that had me from the get-go and I knew that I had to pen my thoughts down. It was affordable, unpretentious French bistro cuisine at its best.

Bistro Jeanty is within walking distance of another restaurant in Napa Valley that I’ve blogged about – REDD Restaurant.

Warm, crusty sour dough bread that was just so tasty to have with the butter. Simple pleasures.

Escargots with garlic pastis butter (US$13.50)

I was deciding between the cream of tomato soup and the escargots, both being the highly recommended starters. On hindsight, perhaps I should have ordered both!

The garlic butter sauce that accompanied the snails was divine and the excess bread did come in handy to mop up the remaining sauce.

Speaking of the tomato soup, the recipe for it can be found here (leads you to the Bistro Jeanty website)

Bone marrow (US$12.50) covered with a Thick bordelaise sauce

I wanted to try another appetizer and so, when I spied bone marrow on the menu, I immediately chose it. To be honest, the reason why I ordered it was definitely not because I love bone marrow (in fact, I’ve never had it before) but inquisitiveness won me over.

Spooning a little the bone marrow onto the toasted baguette made it an excellent and decadent snack. If not for the potential health implications, I might have ordered another plate of this.

Epaule De Porc (US$22.50) – Slow roasted pork shoulder with Butternut squash gratin, Brussels sprouts and bacon 

Pork that falls off the bone definitely has me pining for more and this was no different.

The brussel sprouts lent a somewhat bitter undertone to the dish that paired well with the sweetness of the squash gratin.

And of course, it was nothing short of being value-for-money. For US$22.50, you get a decent sized portion main course at a 1 Michelin starred restaurant in Napa Valley.

Crêpe Suzette (US$12.00)
Warm crepe with orange butter & Mandarine Napoleon liquor

A classic French dessert was perfect to end the quick lunch.

On the whole, I loved every bit of my experience at Bistro Jeanty; The perfect French bistro food, the friendly service and the non pretentious vibe at the restaurant.

Bistro Jeanty

6510 Washington St.
Yountville, United States of America

Telephone: +1 (707) 944-0103

Operating Hours
Lunch and Dinner 11:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m daily.

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