Five Spice Restaurant (Hanoi)

Five Spice Restaurant (Hanoi)

Five Spice Restaurant was the only restaurant that came packaged wit our Full Day City tour in Ha Noi, so expectations of the meal… well… we had none. With that in mind, the meal surpassed whatever expectations we had and came across as being a relatively safe lunch venue.

During our visit, we were the only table around and mind you, we were there during the peak hours of 12pm-1.30pm. But our tour guide had assured us, beforehand, that the meal would be decent. (But that’s part of their job, no?)

The decor of the restaurant was relatively pleasing to the eye, decked out in rather neutral colours and had simple paintings and replica musical instruments hung on the walls.

To get things started, a simple Pumpkin Soup was brought to the table. It was average – something that you would expect out from a can.

On a sidenote, there seems to be this fascination with the Burberry-esque chequered patten in this restaurant. Both the table cloth and the napkins were made out from that material.

The second dish that came along was the Fish rolls with Dill which was surprisingly yummy – Having a combination of Fresh seafood and herbs does it most of the time.

The usual Fresh Spring rolls, save for the fact that these were vegetarian. Fresh Vegetarian Rolls.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that Morning Glory is the westernized name for the water spinach or Kang-Kung as we Singaporeans refer to it commonly.

The Morning Glory Salad won me over with the simple fresh-tasting dressing (I could not quite put the ingredients to them) and fresh vegetables.

The Grilled Pork with Lemongrass & Chilli is apparently one of their signature dishes and rightly so. The mild hint of lemongrass lent a subtle fragrance to the pork and the chilli spices things up even if ever so slightly.

I did not care much for the 5 Spiced Pan-Fried Chicken with Vegetables because the dish was so badly executed that it resulted in tough chicken meat and the “5 spices” were non-existent.

This visit was part our packaged tour and thus there was no price to the menu. But if I were to give a ball park figure, lunch at a similar restaurant would be in the region of US$15-US$25 per person depending on the number and type of dishes ordered.

There are definitely better restaurants in Ha Noi, so unless your tour operator has this as part of your itinerary, my suggestion would be to opt for one of the other more well-known establishments like Seasons of Hanoi.

Five Spice Restaurant

33 Chau Long Street, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Telephone: +84 4 3715 3020
Mobile: +84 9 1678 6118


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  1. I went for a package tour to Vietnam too, given that it was our first ever trip there. Ate a lot of interesting stuff but I didn’t know half the names of the dishes! What a pity.

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