There are many sushi joints in Singapore, from the places that serve from the conveyer belt (Sakae Sushi and Sushi Tei), to slightly more upmarket chains like book radiant Itacho Sushi and upmarket joints like Tatsuya, Ginza Sushi Ichi and Aoki Restaurant. But within that fairly congested list, lies Nogawa. Nogawa is perhaps, my favourite sushi joint, where I tend to see myself returning ever so often. And of course, prices are fairly reasonable with a pure sushi lunch omakase meal (what is shown in this review) for S$60++

This entry is pretty much a pictorial, since whatever is offered to you on your visit depends a great deal on what is fresh during that season and what is available.

If you’re interested in my blog entry on a previous visit, here’s the link.

If S$60++ is not something that you’re thinking of spending, all is not lost; there are set lunches available starting from S$20++ which are fairly value-for-money. Trust me, I do go for their set lunches more often than the sushi omakase meals!

Really Sweet Japanese Tomatoes (Amuse Bouche)


Hiramae (Flounder)


Shimaji (Amberjack) 

Kanpachi (Yellowtail)

Chutoro (Tuna Belly)

Maguro Tseki (Tuna Marinated in Soy Sauce)

Otoro (Tuna Belly, Blow Torched)

Uni (Sea Urchin wrapped with Seaweed)

Amaebi (Alaskan Pink Shrimps with Mayo, Blow Torched)

Anago (Salt Water Eel)


Plum Wine Jelly


100 Orchard Road, #03-25
Lobby Level, Concorde Hotel (Which is on the 3rd floor!)
Singapore 238840

Tel: +65 6732 2911

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