Marukin Ramen Arrives in Singapore

Marukin Ramen Arrives in Singapore


Tokyo’s famous ramen chain-restaurant offers nourishing chicken-based
goodness for ramen lovers!

Singapore (April, 2012) – Eight years in the works leading to one secret ingredient,
four lovingly-crafted soup broths, over 20 ingeniously-paired exciting ramen
selection, Tokyo’s famous ramen chain-restaurant Marukin Ramen has finally set
up its base in Singapore, the haven of ramen lovers.

The creation of Marukin Ramen can be said to be a product of motherly love.
Founder Hiroshi Kusuda was initiated into F&B operations as he first adopted the
duties as a filial son helping his mother run her noodle business. In 1994, Hiroshi-san
finally created his own Marukin Ramen as a means to replicate the fond
memories and the unique flavours authentic to the Kitakyushu city in Japan
where he recalled wonderful memories with his loved ones.

The 12th outlet to open worldwide after an incredible lead in its hometurf in Japan
and an impressive showing in Shanghai; Hiroshi Kusuda’s brand of Marukin Ramen
has been silently serving up bowls of collagen-y goodness to ramen aficionados
in the know at the basement of Scotts Square.

Asked what the recipe for its success might be, Head Chef Tetsuya Tsuyuki of
Marukin Ramen Singapore, and also one of the key personnel responsible for the
immense growth of Marukin Ramen worldwide knowingly revealed – its own
brand of ultrafine ramen noodles, created by its in-house Soul Men (Sōmen)
restaurant and noodle factory in Japan. In addition to having an ultrafine
thickness, the ramen strands also feature a crunchy texture, which makes every
mouthful an interesting experience. In addition, the Singapore outlet also carries
two other thicker ramen noodles, one which contains egg and the other which
does not.

Unlike the typical pork-based ramen soup broth, the brilliance of the chefs
behind Marukin Ramen features the use of its famed 6-hour slow cooked chicken
soup for its ramen, a winning recipe cooked unhurriedly to perfection. Known to
provide generous amounts of collagen to nourish one’s complexion while giving
a richer taste to the soup, this nutritious noodle-soup combination aids to best
bring out the best composition of flavours for the ingredients in its ramen.

A self-confessed chicken lover, Chef Tetsuya likens the poultry to be a brilliant
substitute and a delicious alternative for those who are jaded from the Tonkatsu
laden ramen broths in the city.

The made-to-order ramen at this highly-rated establishment thus showcases a
balanced flavourful menu in its signature ramen selections such as the Negi-Negi
veggie lover’s delight ramen, the Tori Zukushi Ramen, a yummy selection
complete with succulent slices of Chicken Chasyu, Chicken meat balls, Chicken
wing and Kikurage mushrooms, the wholesome ISSAI-GASSAI Ramen which
promises a hearty serving all of key ingredients. All of these Marukin Ramen
recommendations feature enchanting combinations of high quality ingredients
and the ultrafine springy homemade noodles, in its famed chicken-based broth
available as spicy and non spicy versions of its Shoyu Chicken White Soup, Shio
Chicken White Soup, Miso Chicken White Soup and the Shoyu Chicken Clear

Practically designed to facilitate the ease of fast order and quick service, the
simplistic design of Marukin Ramen at Scotts Square revolves around its vibrant
yellow tiles and dark brown wood allowing a interactive space where colleagues,
friends and family can gather to enjoy their ramen amongst a jovial and
lighthearted ambience. Takeaway is also available at Marukin Ramen.

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