Sapporo Miharu Ramen

Sapporo Miharu Ramen

With the influx of Japanese ramen restaurants opening up in Singapore, where does one go to get his ramen fix? One of the places that I visit frequently is none other than Sapporo Miharu Ramen located at Gallery Hotel, off Mohd Sultan Road.

If your next question is, “is the ramen served here authentic”? To be honest, if I were to give you an answer, it would probably be plucking an answer from the clouds. But authenticity aside, it sure was tasty!

For my usual order, I would go for the Tokusen Miso (Special Blended Miso), which for S$13++, gets you a rather large bowl!

The Sapporo Nishiyama noodles, which were imported directly from Hokkaido, had a firm bite to them and were served al-dente (QQ in local lingo).

If this is your first time having your ramen fix at Miharu, the Soup might come across as being somewhat salty. That, I agree. But in truth, with a soup made with miso, would anyone expect anything less?

Usual ala-carte side orders tend to consist of either the Char Siew (S$7++) or the Gyoza – both of which are excellent by the way!

Other than the Tokusen Miso ramen, I’ve tried the Chilli Miso ramen, the Shio ramen, and the Shoyu ramen. All of which were excellent.

Photos taken on an Apple iPhone 4


The Gallery Hotel
1 Nanson Road

Tel: +65 6733-8464

Open 12-3pm, 6-10pm, closed on Wednesdays.

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