Ming Yuen Noodles (Hong Kong)

Ming Yuen Noodles (Hong Kong)

A random late night supper stop brought us to Ming Yuen Noodles, a nondescript noodle house in Kowloon. Ming Yuen Noodles has quite a few branches in Hong Kong and by most accounts, the reviews of the other outlets seem rather similar – being rather average.

To be honest, we were rather famished by the time the food arrived, but even with that in mind, the meal at Ming Yuen did come across as being rather disappointing.

For those of you who like their rice, in particular ‘hot-potted rice’ dishes, do read a review of another Hong Kong establishment that specializes in it – Four Seasons Pot Rice

The Salted fish & sliced pork with hot-potted rice (HKD 42) took a while to arrive, which  was to be expected since they’re individually prepared on order.

A dash of soy sauce is added before one devours the pot of rice.

The Fish Ball noodles (HKD 25) was soggy and well, let’s just say it was definitely not up our alle; Of course having a MSG-laden soup base did not help things much.

The only saving grace was a cup of hot milk tea (HKD 13) to warm the stomach before our trek back to the hotel.

Ming Yuen Noodles

Many outlets around Hong Kong

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