Australian Dairy Company (Hong Kong)

Australian Dairy Company (Hong Kong)

Just hours before our flight back to Singapore, we made a quick stop over at Australian Dairy Company for some steamed egg and iced tea.

The name, Australian Dairy Company, is quite a misnomer by itself, since it isn’t a milk or cheese company. The scrambled eggs at Australian Dairy Company are good, but we were just done with a satisfying meal at Yeung Kee just an hour before and had no space left to stomach more food!

We ordered the Ginger Milk Pudding which certainly was a refreshing delight to have after all the walking around Hong Kong.

Sidenote, if you’re craving for Ginger Milk Pudding and you don’t see yourself on a flight to Hong Kong anytime soon, a food blogger has since posted a recipe on his blog: (Note: I have not tried this recipe, but it seems simple enough, no?)

Comparisons with Yee Shun Milk Company definitely came to mind, but to be honest, my meal there was close to 1.5 years ago and thus memory of the distinct textures and flavours have since been forgotten.

And of course, you’re in a Char Chan Teng in Hong Kong for heaven’s sake – an order of the ubiquitous milk tea is totally called for.

Australia Dairy Company

47-49, Jordan Road 佐敦
Parkes St 白加士街
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Telephone: +852 2730 1356 ‎

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  1. Do you go for holiday packages on your trips? If you ever go back to Hong Kong for Australian Dairy, try their breakfast set if you haven’t! the scrambled eggs are the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever tried and I haven’t found someone who disagrees with that yet!

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