Quay (Sydney)

Quay (Sydney)

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I miss Sydney, in more ways than one. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about the city and I love every bit of her.

Of course, having been cooped all the way in the West (of Australia) does make you envy every bit that the East Coast has to offer. I’ll like to think that that’s the same for every country (San Francisco and New York, and to a much, much smaller extent, Jurong and Changi)

By many accounts, Quay is THE restaurant to visit and Executive Chef Peter Gilmore is one of the most highly awarded and respected chefs in Sydney. Awards include Chef of the Year in The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2012, 3 hat & 3 star rating in The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide & Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide respectively and to top it off, Quay was voted Number 26 on the coveted S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant’s list in 2011.

So, is Quay worth all the accolades?

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To get the meal going, we have with us, Sunflower seed and polenta and plain ole’ White organic bread.

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The amuse bouche for the evening was a White Carrot Puree, Rye crumbs, topped with Smoked Eel jelly. The use of unique ingredients with the added play with textures definitely shone through with the smoked jelly lending a subtle savouriness to the dish.

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The Sashimi of Sea Scallops, I liked.

Served cold, all the flavours of Smoked Eel Flowers, Apples, Organic Crosnes, Horseradish, Sorrel Shoots and the Virgin Pine Kernel Oil played such a harmonious tune to the tongue.

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With the Poached King George whiting, I was standing on the fence.

The King George whiting is endemic (I wanted to use the word, indigenous, only to learn from Wikipedia that the correct term is endemic) to the waters surrounding Australia.

Granted, the King George whiting is one of the more expensive fishes in the Australian market, I did not quite take to the subtle flavour and the texture of the fish. Give me a piece of Salmon or Cod any time!

Accompanying the fish, included winter melon, lettuce heart, kale, native angasi oysters.

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I’m glad that the Slow Cooked Coturnix Quail Breast was served in a small portion; it was definitely rich.

While I’m not sure how Ethical the Ethical Foie-Gras Pudding is, the Pumpernickel, Walnuts, Quinoa, Chestnuts gave the dish bite and helped to cut richness of the dish.

And for that extravagant factor, a few shavings of Black Truffle completed the dish.

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And when the going gets tough (Eating is such a chore…….. yea right!), there’s a rather large serving of Salad dressed in a tart Balsamic Dressing.


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Dessert was quite average, if you asked me. Perhaps I should have gone for the Snow Egg instead.

On the whole, I was slightly underwhelmed by Quay. Nothing was wrong with the meal and the restaurant; but with such heightened expectations, I expected to have my mind blown away – of which I was not. Perhaps too, the view of the harbour in the night sky did lift my expectations of the restaurant. Would I return? Probably not. Sepia definitely gets my thumbs up.

Quay Restaurant
Level 3, Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks, Sydney 2000
Opening Hours:
Tues – Fri 12pm – 2:30pm,
Mon – Sun 6pm – 10pm
Phone: +61 02 9251 5600

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