Señor Taco

Señor Taco

What started out as a small taqueria (pron: Ta-Ke-Ria) at The Cannery, Clarke Quay, Señor Taco now expanded into a full-fledged restaurant or Cantina in the quaint location of CHIJMES.  A Taqueria is spanish for “Taco Stall” and Cantina practically means “Canteen”.  They have definitely made their milestone with their new outlet.

Señor Taco serves a comprehensive array of Mexican street fare, from your Tacos, to your Quesadillas to the items that you’ve probably never heard of.  

I got to sample two different tequilas that night, a Sauza Tres Generaciones Tequila Reposado and an El Chorro Tequila Añejo.  These are not your bar-top shots Tequila that leaves a nasty burn in your throat, but a silky smooth glide down your esophagus. The Reposado, is a tequila aged for about 4 months to a year, it yields a fruity, citrus top note and gave a warm aftertaste.  While the Añejo, aged between one to three years, gave a strong oak taste with a tinge of agave.

What I like about street food is that you are free to combine whatever you’ve ordered into your very own style of eating.  The Chicharron De Ribeye tasted good on its own.  With a burnt appearance and dry look, it was pretty tender, chewy and nicely marinated.  Wrap it up with a warm Tortilla (pron: Tor-Ti-Ya) and smother on some sweet chunky guacamole and the cheesy Queso Fundido, you have yourself a new Tortilla creation.

As Señor Taco‘s name suggested, their specialty lies in their home-made tacos.  Their best seller is the Taco El Pastor, which is actually pork and pickled pineapples.  I personally preferred Pork Carnitas and Beef Barbacoa. These two Tacos gave nothing but the sweet flavors of the meat.  The Baja-Styled Shrimp Taco paled in comparison to the other Tacos though.

If you are not that sure of the menu, you can always fall back on their Quesadilla (pron: Kay-sa-de-ya).  Give the Pirata a go if you like beef.  The beef, avocado and cheese combination is simple but works really well, which is the crux of the Mexican street food, simple but fantastic flavors.  Of course, they do have a Chicken Quesadilla if beef is not your thing.

Other than the food and great Tequilas, Señor Taco Taqueria and Cantina is a place with environment because of the charming architectural of CHIJMES.  Its definitely one of the nicest place to chill in town over some good food.  Its a total opposite from its busy kiosk at The Cannery.  With every order of food you can enjoy free flow of fresh, home-made tortilla chips made from scratch right in their own kitchens.  It also comes with 4 different salsas: the flaming Habenero, zesty Jalepeño, smoky Chipotle and the savory Guacamole.

Señor Taco Taqueria and Cantina can be found at #01-19/20 CHIJMES and their Taqueria (Kiosk) is located at The Cannery, Clarke Quay, 3D River Valley Road #01-12.

Disclaimer: This was an invited tasting.

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