New to the fray East Coast Parkway, PizItalia serves up Italian-style seafood and aims to compete against its neighbouring seafood restaurants, Jumbo and Long Beach.

Dinner service commences at 5pm on weekdays and 12pm on weekends, wrapping up at midnight. When I was there at 4.30pm, tables were still being set up.

A stone’s throw away from the beach, diners can enjoy the occasional sea breeze while dining outdoors.

An impressive wine collection decks the two-storey high shelf in the air-conditioned dining area. Private rooms are available on the second floor. Otherwise, the rest of the dining space, spanning across an expansive region, is non-air-conditioned.


A mini amusement playground is embedded within the restaurant to keep the kids busy, running around and playing without disturbing other diners, under the watchful eye of the parents –it is said to be the largest adventure land in a restaurant within Southeast Asia. Parents can now dig into their crabs without the interruption of their kids.

The chefs behind the ‘Italian seafood’ concept are not actual Italians, but are they well trained in Italian cooking techniques?

Soup of the day – Pumpkin Soup

I had a soup of the day, and for that day, it was the pumpkin soup. Its richness lies in its cream, and the pumpkin flavour was overpowered in that sense. I enjoyed its velvety smooth consistency and taste. At least it was nicely seasoned and it makes a comforting soup to warm your tummies. It may just be the hunger pangs, but I would’ve been able to finish another serving! This soup will not satisfy the discerning diners who yearn for a pumpkin soup rich of pumpkin puree.

Chef’s Seafood Salad $9.50

Chef’s Seafood Salad comes with mussels, squid, prawns, egg, cherry tomatoes and lettuce, tossed together in a sweet piquant dressing. The spiciness isn’t enough to set your tongue ablaze; it’s a comfortable spice level most can enjoy.

The prawns lacked crunch; probably an indication that it’s not pristinely fresh, or perhaps it is just not expertly executed. The prawns in the subsequent dishes are of the same standard.



Soft Shell Crab $8.50

For an appetising prelude, munch on the Soft Shell Crab without having any sharp bits piercing your throat. Bite into that crispy, thinly battered golden casing, to reveal a gooey interior.

Napoli Crab Cakes $8.50

A crispy breaded crust encases a soft, moist and full-flavoured interior that screams crab in every mouthful. As delicious and satisfying as it can be, it is a tad salty for an appetiser, thus slightly killing the palate for subsequent dishes to come.

Chef’s Masala Fish ‘N’ Chips $15.50

Reasonably priced at $15.50, you get two sizeable fillets of Pacific Dory, lightly battered and flash-fried for that crispy golden brown crust with a tender and moist fish within. A nice blend of Indian spices is evident in both its crust and its flavour; this dish is highly recommended!

Butter Prawn Linguine $15.50

The Linguine strands are distinct and void of clumps, with each strand nicely coated with a creamy sauce. It falls short on seasoning though; a pinch of salt will do wonders –but despite that fact, I had no problems finishing the pasta!

I was missing the crunchy texture of the prawns – that succulent flesh that was meant to be. On a positive note, they are plump and of a good size.

This dish is probably an Italian dish inspired by Asian ingredients, from the curry leaves to fried omelette shredded and used as a garnish.


Cioppino $33.50

Cioppino is an Italian seafood stew that is traditionally prepared on Christmas Eve, supposedly comprising of seven fishes. Notable seafood include crab, mussels, prawn, fish fillets and squid. The tomato-based sauce is a highlight; it is deliciously infused with flavours from the abundance of seafood within. It was so tasty I couldn’t help double dipping!

Italian Chilli Crab (market price)

Here’s Pizitalia’s take on the Singapore Chilli Crab. How different is their chilli crab you may ask? A blend of Italian herbs is imbued within the rich, spicy gravy. Within the robust gravy, you get little minces of meat that are so tiny and tender it almost blends into the thick gravy. I assume this dish is inspired by a bolognaise sauce. I have to warn you though: the spiciness level is not subtle.

The sauce is so scrumptious I couldn’t help getting spoonfuls after spoonfuls of it. Then the deep-fried mantous arrived. They aren’t too greasy and act well as a sponge for mopping up the gravy.

Buns (Steamed/Fried) ($0.50 a piece with a minimum order of 6 pieces)

Tiramisu by the glass $5.50

Pizitalia’s unconventional rendition of the Tiramisu contains a higher percentage of an egg-custardy texture with nuances of coffee flavour in the lightly soaked bits of cake that you literally have to dig for. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t fantastic –it’s different.

Oreo Milkshake

A selection of milkshakes is available, but don’t expect quality ice cream. On a positive note, the Oreo Milkshake is sufficiently thick.


With famous seafood restaurants in such close proximity, Pizitalia stands out with its fusion Italian-Asian concept. The next time you’re craving for seafood and yearn for something different, you can check out Pizitalia.

Disclaimer: This was an invited tasting.

East Coast Seafood Centre

1204 East Coast Parkway

#01-06 Singapore 449882



5pm – Midnight on Weekdays

12pm – Midnight on Weekends



6445 8554



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