Wah Lok Dim Sum

Wah Lok Dim Sum

Wah Lok Restaurant - Singapore (2)

Wah Lok at Carlton Hotel is somewhat of a stalwart in the highly competitive dim sum scene that we have here in Singapore.

Weekend lunches here are a packed affair, so advanced reservations are a definite must.

Wah Lok Restaurant - Singapore (11)

The Appetizer (S$3++) here is quite unique – Unique in the sense that instead of the ubiquitous peanuts, you get servings of chilled seasoned long beans and mock barbecued pork.

A word of caution though, as with most Chinese establishments, the cost of the appetizers do get automatically added to the bill.

Wah Lok Restaurant - Singapore (9)

Deep Fried Yam balls- S$5.70++

I did like the deep fried yam rolls; Crispy on the outside and full of yummy goodness within.

Wah Lok Restaurant - Singapore (8)

Baked BBQ Pork Pastry

The baked BBQ Pork pastries at Wah Lok are rather decent! Honestly, after trying Tim Ho Wan’s rendition, the ones here do pale in comparison.

Wah Lok Restaurant - Singapore (7)

Steamed prawns/bbq pork “Cheong Fen” (S$6.50++)

The skin was thin and the prawns/BBQ Pork (We had both, you see) were both fresh & succulent in the former and in the latter, the char siu was as what you would expect, I suppose.

Wah Lok Restaurant - Singapore (6)

Century Egg Congee (S$5++)

The congee that is served at Wah Lok was a bit of a let down for me. First off, there was not much ingredients to speak of and the congee, was a tad too watered down for my liking.

And for those of you who like their congee on the bland side, here’s one for you. There is pepper and soy sauce within reach of the fingers.

Wah Lok Restaurant - Singapore (5)

Steamed BBQ Pork Bun (S$4.80++)

The skin was fluffy but it did come across being being a little too sweet for me. 

Wah Lok Restaurant - Singapore (4)

“Har Gow” Steamed Prawn Dumplings (S$6.80++)

I’ve mentioned it before on one of my posts that the Har Gow is THE dim sum for me and the ones here don’t disappoint. Succulent and fresh prawns fill the thin covering of the dumpling. 

Wah Lok Restaurant - Singapore (3)

Siew Mai (S$5.60++)

The ubiquitous siew mai made yet another appearence here and like the har gow, they didn’t disappoint.

Wah Lok Restaurant - Singapore (2)

Baked Egg Tart (S$4++)

If you like your egg tarts sweet, here’s one for you.  

Wah Lok Restaurant - Singapore (1)

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Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

76 Bras Basah road

2F Carlton Hotel

Tel: +65 6311 8188

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  1. heyya glenn! The cheong fun looks slightly uninspiring~! Was the skin too thick? I recently patronized Xin Tian Di along Francis Street near Dragon Palace. Jesus man! It was so shit. The lady boss gave us 10% off!

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