PrimaDéli is bringing you a selection of New Year cookies and pineapple tarts this Lunar New Year; three selections of pineapple tarts – Divine Pineapple Tarts, Pillow Pineapple Tarts and Fortune Pineapple Tarts – are available alongside two new cookies – Pumpkin Seed and Oatmeal Cranberry.

Divine Pineapple Tarts ($14.80 per tin)

The handmade Divine Pineapple Tarts are encased with juicy pineapple pulp that isn’t too sweet. The fragrant tart, boasting a nice golden sheen, has a distinct butter flavour without being too buttery and greasy, thus expecting a dryer texture – probably lower in calories and cholesterol – as compared to butter-loaded tarts that are sinfully rich.

Fortune Pineapple Tarts ($1.60 each)

PrimaDéli’s Fortune Pineapple Tarts are the highlight of the pineapple tart selection; it is shaped like a pineapple, signifying prosperity and good fortune. Filled with pineapple pulp within a soft baked crust, these pineapple tarts are individually wrapped to retain its freshness.

They are so adorable they make the perfect gift! The red packaging makes is no less auspicious!

For those who prefer more pastry in their tarts, you may opt for the Pillow Pineapple Tarts ($14.80 per tin)

PrimaDéli’s Chinese New Year Range is available from 26 Dec 2011 till 22 Jan 2012 at all PrimaDéli outlets islandwide –they have over 36 bakeries under their belt!

For enquiries, please call PrimaDéli at 6276-3333.

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