Our Korner

Our Korner

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What used to be Desire is now Our Korner. But, I’m not complaining! Located in the boutique hotel, The Scarlet, near Ann Siang Road in Chinatown, gone is the fine dining atmosphere of Desire and has been replaced with a more contemporary bistro appearence.

The menu offers mainly comfort food with the usual favourites as well as dishes with a local flavour infused in them such as laksa clam chowder, chili crab sliders, curry-chicken pizza and a dessert with Horlicks ice-cream.

To get the ball rolling, we had the Laksa Clam Chowder. Both of us tried it and to be honest, it tasted really good. It was raining that evening; So, the chowder was perfect!

The laksa chowder was more flavoursome than spicy per-se, so it should suit most taste buds.

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Oriental Wings – S$16++

The chicken wings were REALLY well marinated and were cooked perfectly – Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

The Thai Chilli sauce that accompanied the wings, which was entirely home-made, was a perfect accompaniment.

It was my dining partner’s favourite of the night!

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Chilli Crab Sliders – S$22++

The Chilli Crab Sliders were good.

Both of us wondered why they had separated the chilli crab sauce – It was a hassle to dip the burgers, however small they were, into the sauce.

Perhaps the kitchens should have sauced them beforehand; However, therein lies the problem of getting all too messy, I suppose. That said, getting your fingers dirty is one way of ensuring food tastes better?

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Curry Chicken Pizza – S$12++ (7 inches) or S$18++ (10 inches)

The curry chicken pizza would pair excellently with a bottle of cold beer!

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Steamed Cod Fillet

The steamed cod fillet came as a recommendation from the manager. Unfortunately, both my dining partner and myself felt that it was perhaps executed less than perfect – the Cod was overcooked and the olive oil mashed potatoes were dry with a capital D.

The beurre blanc sauce, being a very basic sauce, didn’t quite add much to the flavour to the dish.

Honestly, I can understand the concept of the dish, with the leave infusing a subtle hint of flavour into the cod, but the execution didn’t live up the expectations. A pity.

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Tea is from Tea Forte

We tried the Orchid Vanilla Tea and the Ginger Lemongrass Tea – Both of which were really comforting to have alongside the desserts.


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“Colour Me Pretty”

Essentially Horlicks ice cream with the assorted biscuits that brings back memories of childhood. We were in love with the idea! The Horlicks ice-cream did, however come across as being lighter on the palette.

That said, this would definitely be a dessert that I would order again.

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Nutella tart – Both of us loved the nutella tart. It was not overwhelmingly sweet and the subtle bitterness of the chocolate could be tasted. However, the crust was too hard for a fork to go through.

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Note: This was an invited tasting.

Our Korner

The Scarlet Hotel
33 Erskine Road
Tel: 6511-3323
Singapore 069333

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