3 Inch Sin

3 Inch Sin


3 Inch Sin is a boxy dessert café specialising in freshly baked warm chocolate cakes; this outlet at Millenia Walk is an addition to their first outlet at Cluny Court opened in 2010.

They show no modesty in proclaiming having the widest selection of molten cakes in Singapore – currently available in 11 flavours – while they are still exploring more flavours to incorporate into their molten cakes.

Life is too short to commit to one favourite flavour, do step out of your comfort zone and try their unique flavours!

Presented unembellished and straight out the oven in 3 inch ramekins, the cakes boast a molten centre that comes in various fillings such as coffee, mint and baileys –all made with Valrhona chocolate, which is known for their aromatic blends of highest quality cocoas from all over the world.


The Peanut Butter molten cake gets the plaudits for its nice blend of sweet and salty, and its creaminess without being cloying.


I highly recommend the Lemon molten cake for its refreshing lift. I enjoyed the scent of lemon against the rich chocolatey taste.

For those with a sweet tooth, go for the White Chocolate molten cake for an extra dose of sweetness!

For alcohol lovers, the Cherries Jubilee is worth a try. Although alcohol tends to evaporate in baking processes, this dessert will not disappoint as it is redolent of alcohol –almost immense for a non-alcohol lover like myself.

For the less adventurous, the classic favourite, Original, will gratify your chocolate cravings, boasting a warm, unsullied molten core that is rich without being too sweet.

3 Inch Sin is fervent on cutting down on sugar without compromising in taste –although their ice cream is not homemade, they made a request to the supplier to reduce the amount of sugar during manufacturing.

Their French Vanilla Bean ice cream is the best accompaniment to the molten cakes –classic comfort goodness.

Apart from the classic vanilla ice cream, 3 Inch Sin will surprise you with a ‘Flavour of the month’. A scoop of ice cream can take the molten cake indulging to a whole new level.



Sea Salt & Caramel Ice cream

$3.50 per scoop

A personal favourite would be the Sea Salt & Caramel Ice Cream. Unfortunately, they ran out of stock quickly thus I didn’t manage to get a second serving!

Rum & Raisin

The Rum & Raisin is another popular favourite across the table!

Molten cakes are priced at $6.50 for most flavours and $7.50 for alcohol infused molten cakes. You may purchase a box of 6 pieces for $36, with takeaway options available.

Other than 3 inches molten cakes, a selection of other desserts are available.



$7 per slice, or $42 for 6 inches and $60 for 8 inches.


Dark chocolate mousse is sandwiched between two tiers of moist chocolate sponge and smothered with a deep red raspberry glaze. While I enjoyed the smooth creamy chocolatey mousse and pillow-soft sponge cake, the raspberry glaze is a little too tart for a sweet tooth like mine.

The Dark Side

$6 per slice, or $30 for 6 inches, $50 for 8 inches

The Dark Side is a dessert I can’t resist. The dark velvety chocolate ganache is made with purely Valrhona chocolate, filled in a sweet crumbly pastry tart that isn’t too dry.


3 Inch Sin is an ideal dessert destination, conducive for long conversations, and a great hang out place for chocolate cake aficionados. There are room for improvement but I’m certainly looking forward to indulging in new flavours in the near future!

Note: This was an invited tasting.

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