[Note from Glenn: I visited Osia sometime in May or June last year: For the pictorial, see http://www.hungryepicurean.com/2010/07/osia-at-resorts-world-sentosa-a-pictorial/]

Multi-award winning Australian restaurant, Osia, recently added another feather to its cap, clinching Best Dining Experience award at the Singapore Experience Awards 2011. Situated along the Festive Walk at Resorts World Sentosa, the 120-seater restaurant embodies the free-spirited nature of Australian dining and feel, with uncluttered interior bedecked in a neutral colour palette, creating a relaxing, laid-back and casual dining ambience.

The restaurant’s interactive open kitchen concept allows diners to witness ‘live’ cooking in full view, and appreciate the work behind each dish.

Chef Scott Webster has designed a contemporary a-la-carte menu which combines Asian influences with fresh Australian produce, embracing the Australian cuisine with a twist. What I like about Osia is that they accommodate to the demands of the guests; you may request for a dish that is not on the menu in compliance with the availability of ingredients, and they will most likely be happy to oblige.

Stonehearth Flat Bread S$9++

As a commencement to your meal, I would recommend the flat breads; they are baked upon order and served straight out from the stone hearth oven. The stone hearth oven produces bread authentically with a fragrant smoky flavour that I enjoyed. We had a half-and-half of Macadamia Pesto and Truffled Kalamata Olive Flat Bread – great for sampling 2 different flavours without ordering another portion. The density of the bread suggests moderation – so as to save space for the upcoming courses to come – but they were pretty irresistible and go perfectly well with olive oil.

A squeeze-tube resembling a tube of toothpaste contains the condiment-of-the-day, exhibiting novelty and sheer convenience. For that day, we had a creamy smoked eggplant condiment.

Petuna Ocean Trout S$20++

Sea Salt Cured, Honey Pineapple Dressing

The Ceviche menu featuring cured seafood is noteworthy. I had the Petuna Ocean Trout with a consummation of honey pineapple dressing. This western version of sashimi, cured with sea salt, is spruced up with a refreshingly sweet and tangy dressing that cuts through the richness of the fish.

Seafood Ice Experience S$32++

Carrot ‘Pokka’ Ice with Lobster

Calamansi Mojito Ice with Diver Scallop

Quandong Orang Campari Ice with Amaebi Shrimp

Pineapple Coconut Ice with Southern Blue Fin Tuna *

Sourz Apple Ice with Tasmanian Salmon Trout

Lychee Martini Ice with Oyster *


The Seafood Ice Experience is an assembly of 6 granitas of different flavours, topped with various premium ingredients – Carrot ‘Pokka’ Ice with Lobster, Calamansi Mojito Ice with Diver Scallop, Quandong Orang Campari Ice with Amaebi Shrimp, Pineapple Coconut Ice with Southern Blue Fin Tuna, Sourz Apple Ice with Tasmanian Salmon Trout, Lychee Martini Ice with Oyster – served in test tubes.

I was mesmerised by the creative presentation – it evokeed all visual senses with the vibrant striking colours, textures and forms in each component. We started sampling from left to right, from the milder tasting to the more intense, and I personally enjoyed the pineapple coconut ice with southern blue fin tuna and the lychee martini ice with oyster amongst the 6. The contrasting taste of each component will surprise uninitiated taste buds in a pleasant way.

Australian Grain Fed Beef Short Rib Creamy Rutabaga Hash, Truffled Pecorino Macaroon, Horseradish Crème Fraiche $60

This Australian grain fed beef short rib is by far one of the most tender of lean steak I’ve had. Chef de Cuisine, Douglas Tay, explained that he did not want customers to spend extravagantly on fatty cuts of meat for the sake of their tender properties.

The short rib is vacuum-braised with wine for 8 hours before grilling; this fork-tender beef requires no knife. Other than the steak, the other components on the plate are remarkably delicious as well –I enjoyed the luscious Creamy Rutabaga Hash and the nicely puffed Truffled Pecorino Macaroon made with egg white.

Macadamia Nut Tart $22

As a finale, components on this dessert include a macadamia nut tart, browned figs and a tomato pineapple sorbet. The macadamia nut tart is neatly crafted, boasting chunks of macadamia nuts; this dessert is not too sweet, although a carbohydrate-lover like me would prefer a higher ratio of tart-to-macadamia. The salty-sweet combination of tomato and pineapple brings pleasant raptures in your mouth, although I can’t agree that it goes in harmony with the macadamia nut tart.

I look forward to more inventive dishes at Osia.

Disclaimer: This was an invited tasting.

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