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Make Shake


MakeShake, the first customisable milkshake concept in Asia recently launched its flagship store at City Square Mall in October 2011.

Once you get down the escalator to the basement 2, MakeShake will immediately catch your attention. Its colourful façade with bold logos in shades of rainbow will prepare you for the jovial treats coming ahead.

At MakeShake, you can customise your own milkshake with a variety of Shake-Ins and flavours to choose from, blended with a homemade reduced sugar malted vanilla ice-cream –the less sweet ice cream will appeal to the health conscious. For those with a sweeter tooth, go all out with the add-ons.

Mix and match from a variety of options such as chocolates, biscuits, fruits, sauces and more.

The unadventurous can stick to the ‘Awesome Shakes‘, which include popular favourites such as Strawberries ‘n’ Cream, Bananarama, Simply Marshella, Yuan Yang and Chocolate Addict. For something more unique, opt for the Malibu Shake comprising of coconut and pineapple or the Peanut Butter Sandwich comprising of peanut butter, banana and chocolate fudge. The ‘Awesome Shakes’ recipes are fail-proof. Unless you don’t mind experimenting with unconventional combinations and end up something too bizarre, sticking with the pre-concocted milkshakes is the safest bet.

The Peanut Butter Sandwich and Chocolate Addict comes only in a large size, reason being there are more ingredients added and they didn’t want to affect the ratio of ice cream to ingredients.

One of my favourite is the Chocolate Addict; flavoured with a dose of chocolate fudge, you will also find crunchy bits of Kit Kat and Maltesers in there. If that isn’t enough to satisfy the chocoholics, top up with another $0.70 for additional Nutella for a richer chocolatey flavour.

You won’t find gritty bits of crushed ice; the ice cream and milk are blended into a smooth and thick consistency –no ice added.

The milkshakes are thicker than the norm, thus the slogan ‘Suck Hard’. I prefer a slightly melted down milkshake for easy slurping.

 The Simply Marshella is another addictive shake. Comprising of Nutella and Marshmallows, this milkshake is utterly smooth, with the creamy chocolatey goodness gliding down your throat. Topped with nibble-size marshmallows that are not too soft to a point where it disappears into nothingness, it provides sufficient texture.

The Strawberries ‘n’ Cream wasn’t sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, but I enjoyed the novelty of adding cream cheese instead of plainly vanilla ice cream. This milkshake reminds me a little of my all-time-favourite Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake. Perhaps I would add some graham biscuit crumbs for some texture the next time round!

The Yuan Yang would appeal to coffee and tea drinkers, but it isn’t something I would order again. My companion, on the other hand, enjoyed this.

With so many options of Shake-ins, I’m looking forward to discover more flavour combinations. Reasonably priced at $3.70 for a small cup that comes with 1 shake-in and $5.20 for a large cup (with 2 shake-ins), I’ll definitely return for more.

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