Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant

Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant

Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore Liat Towers (8)

Ling Zhi was a last minute change so we basically went in blindly, without research on what is worth the calories and what isn’t. Well, on hindsight, it was not a bad decision! I walked into the restaurant thinking, “Oh no…. Vegetarian Food” to “That was a great meal!” as I exited through the doors.

Entrance to the restaurant is via the lift lobby on the side of Liat Towers – right behind the ever-crowded taxi stand along Anguilla Park.

Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore Liat Towers (10)

Instead of the usual roasted salted peanuts that you tend to get at other Chinese restaurants, you are offered seemingly healthier braised peanuts to curb your hunger pangs. (Seemingly being the key word here.)

Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore Liat Towers (9)

Homemade Beancurd with Chef’s Special Sauce ($8++ per person)

A quick glance through the menu and the one dish that caught my attention was the homemade beancurd. I was glad to have ordered the beancurd because it was one of the more stellar choices from the meal.

The special sauce went very well with the the beancurd – it was clean to the palate, yet savoury enough to be appetizing at the same time.

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 Pictured above is the Stewed Eggplant stuffed with Beancurd Paste (served with Deep-fried Buns)  ($16++)

The stew was decent but not exactly what you would term as memorable. The dish gets a much needed lift when you dip the deep-fried buns into the stew, much like how you would to mantous in the chilli crab gravy, and savour them each, bun by bun. It does get addictive!

Deep Fried Buns

Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore Liat Towers (6)

Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore Liat Towers (5)

The Sautéed Monkey Head Mushrooms with Dried Chilli ($20++) turned out to be quite the star of the meal. I, for one, enjoyed it.

If there was one element that could have been improved – the addition of perhaps more dried chillis for that extra punch might have suffice; Or Szechuan peppers for that numbing effect. However, of course, at its face value, it was really an enjoyable dish.

This would be the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of rice!

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Assorted Vegetables served in Yam Ring (S$22++)

Amongst the myraid of dishes that we had that day, the contender for the least appetizing dish had to be the assorted vegetables in the Yam Ring. That’s not to say that this was a bad intepretation of a simple sounding dish – it came across as rather plain jane to both of us.

The yam was rather dry and the vegetables needed just a tad more seasoning.

Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore Liat Towers (3)

Braised Ee-Fu Noodles with Assorted Mushrooms (S$14++)

The braised ee-fu noodles were not really worthy of any special mention. Think your average, run-of-the-mill plate of ee-fu noodles presented at almost every other wedding banquet (less the seafood and more mushrooms).

Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore Liat Towers (2)

Coral Seaweed with Lotus Seeds (S$5++ per person)

Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore Liat Towers (1)

Chilled Ice Jelly with Lime Sherbet (S$5++ per person)

To end of my meal, I had the chilled ice jelly. To be honest, I would go as far as describing this dessert to be Ling Zhi’s intepretation of the traditional hawker-style dessert, the Man Tou Long. I might be getting the spelling wrong but in essence what Man Tou Long is, is rather tasteless jelly served atop a bed of shaven ice with 1 or 2 small green limes served on the side.

It was one of my favourite desserts growing up (Yes….. I’ve had a set of somewhat boring dessert tastebuds ever since young), so I was rather satisfied with it. Call it a natural progression of sorts.

Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant

541 Orchard Road
#05-01 Liat Towers

Tel: (65) 6734 3788

Opening hours daily:
6pm -10pm



Glenn Lee first published his first blog entry as HungryEpicurean in December 2009. Glenn is currently an accounting and finance undergraduate in the University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia. Born and raised in the sunny island of Singapore, he is by and large, a foodie. Like his fellow Singaporeans, he loves to explore and savour the magnitude of flavours that the many different cuisines offer. He can be contacted at

8 thoughts on “Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant

  1. My folks go vegetarian twice a month so I am quite familiar with Lingzhi 🙂 Must agree with your sentiments on the ee-fu mee and egg plant. If you like the chef’s beancurd you may also want to try their claypot yam and beancurd. Their spinach soup is quite outstanding as well. Yeah, the monkey head mushroom is my must-eat too! Miao Yi does a similar monkey head mushroom with lots more dried chilli and hence more ‘kick’.

    1. Ah… PY! Glad to hear that you have the same thoughts about the ee-fu mee and egg plant! Claypot yam and beancurd – Hmm…… I was disappointed with the yam bowl BUT I’ll definitely give it a try the next time that I’m down.

      Miao Yi – That’s the first time that I’m hearing of this restaurant – Had to Google it! Will definitely be heading down sometime! 🙂

  2. Hello Glenn, I just read your review of Lingzhi restaurant. Thank you for the informative article! It seems like one should avoid the buffet and order off the menu.

    My spouse and I will travel to Singapore next week from SF, California. Which location, at Liat Towers or Novena Square, of Lingzhi would you recommend for a birthday? It’s difficult to tell from the website which has better ambiance and food quality. Is it best to go for dinner for a special occasion? Best and thanks.

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