A Look Back at 2011

A Look Back at 2011

It seems like not too long ago that I was at my brother-in-law’s house in Palo Alto, California writing the finishing touches to my post A Look Back at 2010. As cliche as it may be (the irony, being that phrase is a cliche by itself), with a blink of an eye, a year has already passed and we have reached the tail-end of the 2011, moving on to a brand new start in 2012.

It’s been a wonderful year for both HungryEpicurean and myself.

… Thank you for your continued patronage …

First and foremost, I would like to thank each and every one of you, my faithful readers. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey and I look forward to your continued readership. YOU, are the reason why I keep going.

At a recently concluded tasting session, a relatively new blogger said to a PR executive, “whenever I attend a tasting event as a plus-one of another writer of another food blogI will pimp myself (and our new blog) out”. To each his own, I suppose. For myself,  It was never about the free meals (to be it crudely) or the fame and fortune that one might believe comes with the role of a food blogger (there’s none in it for this blogger in any case), but rather the belief in knowing that I have perhaps shared with you my thoughts on some of more memorable meals – both positive and negative. To be honest, I was appalled by his choice of words and behaviour.

… A Penny of my Thoughts …

Someone said to me just a few days back, “Nothing makes me happier than having good food.” To be honest, when I heard it, I was rather taken aback. Nothing? There’s more to life than just good food! Frankly, good company – family and friends – mean so much more to me than good food. Good conversations over a kopi or teh with someone who means a lot to you is far more important to me than a meal at a posh, upscale fine dining restaurant with someone who doesn’t mean anything to you. #justsaying

… Of my personal life …

On the whole, life has been rather kind to me the past year. I’ve made the acquaintances of new friends and rekindled the friendships of some that I thought I’ve lost along the way. It’s been a privilege having met every single one of you some time the last year or so.

Special mention goes to you, my BFF. You’ve been there through the ups and downs of my life! You know, who you are 🙂 Here’s wishing you a happy marriage in 2012!

The only down point would be the loss of a friendship that I treasured over a misunderstanding. On hindsight, perhaps, it was a mistake on my part. I suppose, that’s a story that shall remain, a story.

… Of Perth and University …

Some of you may already know, I’ve embarked on a new journey at the start of 2011; Pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia. A degree is somewhat of a natural progression for me, since the completion of my Diploma from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

For the past year, I’ve been staying on campus at Currie Hall. Staying in hall does have its perks and disadvantages; Over time, I’ve learnt to see beyond the disadvantages and appreciate the perks of being in hall. For one, there is the the element of getting to know so many people from all walks of life and even nationalities. Alright….. that probably sounded like it came from a Primary/Secondary school essay. But the truth is not much far off from that!


I’m really pleased to have met each and every one of you in Perth and life there would have been so different, so much more boring, had we not had the chance to meet one another. Not to forget the late nights and suppers before the dawn of exams – Special mention goes to, Melvin, Brad, Ernest, Cherie.


And not to forget the very memorable trip down South of Western Australia, to Busselton, Albany, Denmark, Augusta and Margaret River. And thanks for the excellent companionship through the trip, Melvin, Kenny and Eric!

… Of My Writers on HungryEpicurean …

First and foremost, here’s a big shout out to the both of you, Melissa and CY. Thank you for covering some of the invited tasting sessions for the past few months.

… Of the Memorable Moments in 2011 …

Some of the memorable moments in 2011 include:

The 3D2N staycation as part of the Asia’s Dining Destination package that was organized by the Marketing Communications team at Marina Bay Sands. Some of the related posts include (which if not yet available, will be fully available by 31st January 2011 – Posts are all scheduled!):

  • Part 1: Club Room at Marina Bay Sands
  • Part 2: High-Tea at The Club at Marina Bay Sands (57th storey)
  • Part 3: Brief Conversation with Chef Stephane Istel
  • Part 4: Dinner at db Modern Bistro, Marina Bay Sands
  • Part: Buffet Breakfast at RISE, Marina Bay Sands
  • Part: Lunch at Pita Pan, Marina Bay Sands
  • Part : Dinner at SANTI, Marina Bay Sands
  • Part: ‘Bites and Bubbles’ menu at Guy Savoy, Marina Bay Sands
  • Part: Buffet Breakfast at The Club at Marina Bay Sands (57th storey)
  • Part: Lunch at Carnivore, Marina Bay Sands
Photo: Guy Savoy, “Bites and Bubbles” menu.

… Of Memorable Meals for 2011 …

I know that I’ve not been blogging much recently and many of my more memorable meals are perhaps only found as photographs stored on my trusty iPhone that wouldn’t mean much to you, but I’ll try my best in the next few sentences.

Best Dining Experience of the Year…..goes to….db Bistro Moderne

Best Meal of the Year…..goes to….db Bistro Moderne
(Referring to the meal that I had on my second visit; the first of which was invited by Marina Bay Sands)

Best Meal of the Year (Overseas)…..goes to….Sepia Restaurant, Sydney

Worthy of Special Mention…..goes to….No. 18 Zion Road Char Kway Teow

… Of the Wanderlust bug in me …

A 4D3N trip to Sydney (Back in June)

I had promised my friend to fly back to Singapore, from Perth together with him at the end of my first semester in Perth (~June 2011). However, I had completed my examinations close to a week earlier than him and since I wanted to honour that promise and to keep myself occupied while waiting, I made an impromptu decision and booked a flight to Sydney where I spent the next few days enjoying the gastronomic that she had to offer.

Restaurants that I tried include, Sepia and Quay.

A 6D5N trip to Taiwan (Back in July)

Initially, I was a little apprehensive of Taiwan. Why so, you may ask. Before you start laughing at my knowledge (or rather, lack of), my impression of Taiwan were only of Jacky Wu of Guess Guess Guess fame, beautiful Alishan women and that farmland was aplenty. I suppose, the latter two are rather true.

Let’s just say that I enjoyed Taiwan quite a lot – the Night Markets, in particular were nothing short of being awesome.

A 5D4N trip to Hanoi (Back in July)

I adore Hanoi and of Vietnam in general. Granted, the buildings may be old, the roads may have pot holes and one would have to disregard all forms of conventions when it comes to the laws and physics of crossing pedestrian crossings, Ha Noi is one place I would gladly return. The food tastes great and is unbelievably cheap, the people are friendly and helpful and well, the whole atmosphere there just feels welcoming.

A 3D2N trip to Hong Kong and Macau

I wanted to attend the Hong Kong jewellery exhibition held at both the AsiaWorld Expo and the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre and thought, it would make for quite an interesting short weekend getaway.

I’ve been to Hong Kong a number of times before and honestly, I never grow tired of the place.

Photo: L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Hong Kong

A 2D1N trip to Kuala Lumpur

A short weekend getaway with friends made for an enjoyable trip.

… With that, here’s wishing everyone a Happy 2012 …


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