Toby’s Estate Coffee

Toby’s Estate Coffee

Toby started his coffee business in his parent’s garage right down under in Australia.  Since then, he has expanded his garage to a coffee chains and now he is in Singapore selling his specialty coffee.  In this cafe, you’ll see this huge machine when you enter.  That machine is where raw greenish colored coffee beans are roasted into the dark fragrant coffee beans we have come to know.

Many of us are well aware of drinks like Americano, Latte and Cappucino which are all Espresso based drinks. Espresso is a liquid extract of the bean extracted with the help of an espresso machine.  But there are at least a 50 other variations of these Espresso based drinks and commercially practiced, at least (see wiki) methods to brewing coffee.

There is a whole lot of science behind this caffeine rich beverage and it’d probably take me a few thousand words just to explain them.  And I’ve probably digressed too much from the main topic of food.

Toby’s estate served us a few items that day.

To start, we were served Toast with Homemade Jam and Marmalade.  It’s so simple, but it works nicely.

We had a fruit salad with Crème fraîche.  Nothing too special with this though.

The Tomato And Pomegranate Salad is quite special.  I liked the touche of cumin they put in the sour cream dressing.

They served us a breakfast set – Scrambled eggs, bread, cherry tomatoes, rockets and ham.  You can choose to replace ham for the smoke salmon.  This is simple comfort food suitable for a lazy weekend brunch.  I like the way they did they scramble – not fully cooked, still retaining that slight liquid to it.

We also had  garden greens as well. Fresh vegetables tossed with a simple olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.  Nothing too much to shout about either.

I personally enjoyed the Chicken Noodle Salad.  The taste is very much similar to our local Hainanese Chicken rice.  It’s a western dish with a local twist.  The sesame oil dressing worked well with the vegetables and the noodles.  This is something that you have to have.

We had Chick Pea salad with pork served with a piece of rye bread.  The chick peas were nicely cooked to soft. The dressing was soaked up by the bread and made the bread super tasty.

We were given a demonstration on how beans were actually roasted.

Alvaro, Toby’s Estate’s Head Roaster, showing us how beans are roasted in a sample roaster

Before and After

How a coffee cupping session would look like.

Other than Espresso and espresso based drinks, Toby’s does serve several different brewing methods for you to try.  One of them that you may want to check out would be the Siphon Flask.  It’s a simple apparatus that utilizes the concept of temperature and pressure to brew the coffee.

Toby’s Estate is definitely one of the go-to places if you are looking for a place who is serious about their coffee.  Their brunch menu is simple and the location is just serene.

A Babycino for the kids

The guys behind Toby’s Estate Singapore, Alvaro Sanchez (left) and Toby Smith (right)

Forenote: C.Y. was invited to Toby’s Estate as a guest.

Toby’s Estate – Coffee


8 Rodyk St, Singapore

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