Triple Three

Triple Three

Triple Three at Mandarin Orchard has in the past served buffets of different themes. This time, they have brought Hokkaido to the buffet table. Jumping onto the Seafood buffet bandwagon, Triple Three has brought in fresh, air-flown seafood. I cannot begin to explain how fresh the seafood are. Nothing tastes worst than raw, fishy seafood that aren’t fresh.

I attended the buffet on the opening night of the buffet spread and we were treated to a surprise – a Live demonstration of preparing a Yellow Fin Tuna. Triple Three impressed by going to the extent of flying in a whole Yellow Fin Tuna.

It was definitely an eye-opener for me because for one, I have never seen a whole Yellow Fin Tuna up close before. And, to have a Japanese chef prepare and slice up the fish before me was definitely delightful.

Of course, I had to try the freshly sliced tuna.  The Toro (Tuna Belly) was fatty but it wasn’t as tender at compared to the Blue Fin Tuna, but still, it was decadent.  The other parts of the fish had a distinct sweetness to them and the different parts of the fish had their own individual texture.

Other than Maguro (Tuna), you can get the chef (on another buffet table), to slice up sashimi of your choice for you.

Most of the items are made on the spot or to order.  The sushi section had the chef making sushi on the spot.  There was also a huge plate of Hokkaido Chirashi, which I personally enjoyed.

The raw seafood section did have a few things that you have to try as well.  The King Crab was sweet and juicy and the snow crab was soft and flaky. Due to a bad experience in the past, I am usually quite wary and particular when it comes to eating oysters, but Triple Three shucks their oyster fresh.

Their Teppanyaki section had a few interesting selections as well.  Do keep a look out for the prawns and the beef steaks because they are usually gone the moment the chef leaves it on the serving plate. One of the more interesting items I had on that night was the Deep Fried Cod Fish Sperm.  It was nicely done and is lightly battered. It had a delicate sweetness to it.  But I would have preferred it to be done as a cold dish.

Apart from all these, the Wagyu beef roast and the honey ham is worth the try, although I found the beef to be a bit too rare for my liking.

The Hotate Yaki was one of my favorite as well.  Grilled upon order, and dipped in a rich, sweet Yaki sauce, it was just pure sin to chew on a whole medallion by itself.

Do keep an eye out for the Lobster with Mornay sauce as well, it was praised by the other guests who went on the opening night.  The ramen served here is worth the space in your stomach as well.

Do save some space for the ice cream.  The ice cream are all made in house.  I personally loved the Salted flavor, it has a nice balance between the salt and the vanilla flavors.  The Saffron and Pistachio and the Vanilla ice cream were a bit of a let down.  Other than these, the other guests loved the Macha and Black sesame flavors.

The Hokkaido buffet is available from 18 to 30 Oct, during dinner and Sunday brunch only, and is priced at

S$138++ per adult and S$33++ per child for dinner (Mon-Sun) and

S$168++ per adult, S$42++ per child for Sunday brunch.

Free flow Moët & Chandon Champagne will be charged an additional S$25++.

Note: C.Y. was invited as a guest of Mandarin Orchard

Triple Three – Mandarin Orchard Singapore

333 Orchard Road.

Tel: +65 6831 6288/71


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6 thoughts on “Triple Three

  1. Good to know that Triple 3 is making a comeback. It used to be my favorite buffet place until the standards dip.

  2. I hear that there’s going to be a Christmas themed buffet soon too!

    Triple Three used to be the family’s de-facto choice for an international buffet day out too, especially when they still had the 3 piece Filipino band that did requests and dedications; Loved them.

    I remember we used to book the private room by the poolside (it was a while back, so if the memory’s a little fuzzy, I apologise!) and have the band come in to play a few numbers exclusively for us.

    Then they renovated and standards dropped.

  3. Haha, you remind of the musicians. They asked us for a song, and we said, no need, then they went on to serenade us with a F4 Chinese song. …. Embarrassing.

  4. I went to the buffet on the last day of promotion after reading rave reviews.

    It was really a huge disappointment.

    Both the Snow Crab and King Crab are so salty as though it has been submerged in brine for too long. Not a single tint of sweetness in the meat. Worst crab meal I had ever tasted. Standard is nowhere near to what I had in Sounkyo, Akan and Kushiro. My rating for the 2 types of crabs is 1.5/10. One will need to go Hokkaido if really want to savour good quality seafood from there. There is simply no substitution.

    Even the chill Dungeness crab meal I had at Granville Island is of much better quality than this.

  5. What you had in Hokkaido or Granville Island might have been freshly caught on the day or the day before. These seafood are usually not frozen, just chilled.

    On the other hand, air flown seafood went through certain natural elements and might have been frozen during transportation. These processes changes the taste of the seafood.

    Which is why you can’t really compare food that’s served right at the origin to food that’s been air flown. It’s similar to the analogy of comparing a Chinese National’s command of Mandarin to a Caucasian’s Command of Mandarin.

  6. I’m also always the one fideeng Zhiyu and eat whatever was left behind by her. While hb happily eat his hot meal. I really “hate” him at those times X(But finally, i found a way to “yi ya huan ya” Whenever he wanted to eat at his fav Jap restaurant that comes with a children play area, i ‘ll tell him that we will eat there if he feeds Zhiyu. So i’ll happily enjoy my meal while he has to run to & fro to the play area to feed my girl 🙂

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