Scotts Beef Noodles

Scotts Beef Noodles

Do you still remember the Beef Noodles that came with a thick gravy from long ago at Scotts Shopping Centre? I DO, albeit vaguely! Although I have since forgotten what the taste of the noodles was but I vaguely remember the current dish looking somewhat familiar.

Fond memories aside, looking at this bowl of beef noodles from a new perspective, I thought that it was a dish that’s hard not to like. With the flavourful gravy paired with thin slices of beef, that’s like THE perfect combination.

Oh, the beef balls were definitely irresistible too! And all that for less than S$10 (you can even have a drink with it and not exceed that amount!). Simple comforts for the soul, I’d say.

Scotts Beef Noodles

Scotts Beef Noodles

ION Orchard
Basement 4 Food Court (Food Opera)
Singapore 238801




  1. Daniel

    Yes I remember that! That was my favourite childhood food court actually.. haha. But somehow the franchises don’t taste as good as I remembered the original to be leh.

    Then again, everything seems to taste better as a child. haha

  2. Rae

    The best beef noodles in town! You must also try their pan fried beef kway teow. Awesome!

    • @Rae: Alright! The next time that I’m in Singapore, I will!

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  3. James

    I have tried the beef kway teow too! The staff were friendly and the food tasted great 🙂 I would definitely come back for more.

    • Ahh. that’s good!

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