TOAST (Perth)

I think I’ve found the best spot to have breakfast in Perth.

Located on Claisebrook Cove Waterfront, East Perth and next to the Royal Hotel is TOAST, an all-day breakfast dining establishment that serves up many breakfast favourites like, corn fritters and even both sweet and savoury crepes and of course, the usual suspects such as big breakfast sets and Eggs Benedict.

Last Sunday, the four of us drove up to East Perth (~10 minutes from Perth city) to a packed outlet. Promising, I thought. A friend spied the large serving that TOAST serves up.

Call us boring but the four three of us ordered the Eggs Norwegian (the other had the plain ole’ Eggs Benedict). For the uninformed, Eggs Norwegian is the name of the dish when you change ham to Smoked Salmon and Eggs Florentine is when you change ham to wilted Spinach.

The poached eggs came out beautifully – almost perfect in fact. The yolk was runny yet firm enough to hold it in shape. I’m glad that the chefs here did not overdose on vinegar in both the poaching liquid for the eggs and in the hollandaise sauce.

TOAST – one to keep in mind.

If memory serves, TOAST does not accept reservations so, one may have to wait around for a table. The turnover rate for clients seem to be rather fast.


21/60 Royal Street
East Perth WA 6004
Telephone: (08) 9221 0771
Open Daily 7am-7pm





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