Tambuah Mas

Tambuah Mas

Do you have a favourite place to go to when a certain craving jumps out of the blues? I’m not sure about you, but I definitely do. And when it comes to curbing my urge for Indonesian food – there can only be one – Tambuah Mas. 


Tambuah Mas is probably one of the oldest (or simply, THE oldest) Indonesian restaurant still running. Oh for the record, it is the favourite of my parents too! I think there was a period when my mum would patronize them a few times a week. They’ve since expanded and opened outlets beyond the main branch at Tanglin Shopping Centre. Having tried both the Paragon and Marina Square outlets, I have to say that the main outlet still retains the quality that I’ve since grown accustomed to.

Lontong Capgome S$7.90
Mixed vegetables, chicken and rice cake in spicy coconut milk.

Lontong Capgome is basically a meal in one. There’s carbohydrates in the rice cake, fibres and vitamins in the mixed vegetables (namely long beans and cabbage) and protein in the chicken.

The term spicy in the menu is somewhat of the misnomer. The gravy well had a slight hint of chilli, but no where near being spicy! For those who love theirs spicy, chilli is available on request.

Sop Buntut S$5.5
Makassar-style spicy ox-tail soup

This soup was ordered more out of curiosity rather than a need. Let’s just say, I wasn’t quite accustomed to the strong flavours in the soup. But again, it’s just me.

Ikan Pepes S$5
Spice marinated seabass fillet, enveloped in banana leaves and grilled

The Ikan Pepes is a must order whenever I patronize Tambuah Mas! This is really good!

You get well proportioned chunks of fish meat and not just the paste (at some restaurants) and it’s really flavourful.

Gado Gado S$6
A light melange of mixed vegetables, tofu, and emping crackers; drizzled with homemade spicy peanut dressing.

What do you say when you need fibre in your diet yet are bored with plain ole’ westernized salad? Look no further than Gado Gado.

Essentially a mixed vegetable salad topped with a peanut dressing (think satay sauce) instead of say, balsamic vinaigrette. The crackers, or since we’re talking about Indonesian cuisine, keropok, add a nice texture to the dish!

Satay Ayam / Kambing/ Sapi S$6.9
Skewered chicken / lamb / beef chunks, charred over open flame, Served with onions and cucumbers and our homemade peanut sauce (Half Dozen)

Perhaps, the Satay at Tambuah Mas is not as cheap as the stalls at Lau Pa Sat, but the version here is definitely worth every penny! The satay here is not presented with small portions or fatty, cheaper cuts of meat that are now associated with the versions sold elsewhere. Of course, that said, with increased competition and rising costs (both of ingredients and of commercial reasons), I can completely understand the cost-cutting measures.


Tambuah Mas

Tanglin Shopping Centre
19 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247909

Telephone: +65 6733 3333



2 thoughts on “Tambuah Mas

  1. Tambuah Mas at Tanglin is my family’s fave hunt for gado gado and ikan pepes as well. Totally understand when you say in some periods of time your mum must go a few times a week because my mum does the same thing to me. Eating out is such a routine for us. Tambuah Mas for Indonesian, Akashi for Japanese and Imperial Treasure for Chinese. Totally unadventurous but I like!

    1. @PY: I agree too. Tambuah mas is my family and (My) favourite too! Tambuah Mas for Indonesia, Nogawa for Japanese and Imperial Treasure for Chinese for me! I usually dine at Imperial Treasure at Great World! They have like the best service, like ever.

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