Shi Wei Tian (食唯天) Part 2 of 2

Shi Wei Tian (食唯天) Part 2 of 2

Note: This is a continuation from the previous post

Other than the first 6 dishes that was introduced in the previous post, Shi Wei Tian also served up 5 other dishes that had more sophistication and characteristics to them.

Without further ado, I present to you, the other dishes.

I’m sure alot of us had crabs (not that kind of crabs) that was done in many styles, chilli, black pepper or salted egg just to name a few.  Shi Wei Tian innovated the cereal crab to something a bit out of the norm.  麦香螃蟹 (Cereal Paste Crab) is different in a sense that it has more liquid that the normal cereal crab.  I found the cereal sauce to be a bit too sweet and the milky taste was abit overwhelming.  Overall, this dish presented great creativity and innovation.

I think a 菜埔鱼 (Pickled Radish Fish) is a classic within the Zi Char scene.  Among other styles of  cooking fish the Chinese way, I found this style of cooking the fish to be rather enjoyable  The crispy fragrant pickled radish coupled with the soft sweet meat of the fish was well balanced.  The sauce was a bit too salty IMO, but maybe that because I have lighter taste buds.

There was an article pasted on the the glass windows of Shi Wei Tian. The article was a little back story of the 凤凰虾 (Specialty Phoenix Prawns).  This dish was created by one of the owner’s grandmother to make him try prawns.  So in her effort, she made the whole dish to look like a chicken drumstick.  And unlike your normal prawn fritters, every bite was a mouthful of prawns.

I think I didn’t do this 糯米鸡 (Glutinous Rice Chicken) justice with this picture.  Mainly because, there isn’t an image on the rice that is being stuffed within the chicken.  This could be one of the most tedious dish to make on the table.  The rice inside was moist but not mushy.  It’s nicely textured with Chinese sausage, dried shrimps and mushrooms.  Moreover, the rice was cooked within the chicken, so there is an added flavor to it.  The chicken has a nice aromatic herbal taste to it.  It was tender and slightly juicy.

The last and final dish that I will be introducing is the 泰式猪手 (Thai Style Pig’s Knuckle).  This is one dish not for the faint-hearted.  Its deep-fried to crisp on the outside, while retaining its juicy, tender meat on the inside.  I found that the sweet and tangy Thai chilli sauce worked really well with the knuckle. Although the knuckle was really good by itself, the sauce cuts the oily taste giving it a refreshing twist to the whole dish.

Shi Wei Tian, although new in the scene has a really interesting menu that aims to target family crowds.  The cosy indoor seats offers a really good environment for a get together dinner with the family members and/or friends.  Prices are really affordable as well, so you don’t really need to splurge big bucks on good nosh.

Shi Wei Tian (食唯天) is located at 37/39 Joo Chiat Place which is right at the intersection off Tembeling Road and Joo Chiat Place.  They are opened everyday from 12pm to 1am

Forenote: C.Y., my guest blogger, dined here as their guest.

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