South Coast

South Coast

Forenote: C.Y., my guest blogger, dined here as a guest of South Coast.

South Coast is another one of the establishments that opened in the fantastic Marina Bay Sands Waterfront.  You wouldn’t be able to see its sign board, because they don’t have one.  But one way to identify this place is, its directly in front of Louis Vuitton (The one outside).

South Coast is an Australian bistro that spots a pastel color palette and a casual beach bar, coupled along with the breeze blowing in from the Marina Bay, you would feel like you’ve been transported to a beachside bistro in Surfer’s Paradise.

I started off with an Affotini, which is a Martini made from their own blend of coffee, Amaretto, butterscotch liqueur, vodka and a ball of vanilla ice cream.  Its sweet, with a tinge of bitterness from the coffee.  It doesn’t offer that much of a kick, but its definitely worth the try.  Mixing in the vanilla ice cream will make it sweeter and smoother to drink.

I was served a couple of items in tasting portions to try (I had dinner at Bazin prior to this) and a few of them was rather interesting.

The Kangaroo and Pork Pot Pie was one of the most interesting dishes of the night.  This was my very first time putting Kangaroo in my mouth.  I was expecting something strong, but then, the flavors was subtle.  The meat looked dry and flaky, but it was rather moist.  The crust of the pie was a bit too thick though.  Don’t expect peas or corn or any vegetables inside this pie because there isn’t any.

I like the Pepper Berry rubbed Lamb ribs, it was well seasoned with pepper berry, but it didn’t gave the spicy kick, which was good.  The gamey taste of the lamb wasn’t strong, as a matter of fact, it was rather enjoyable.  The tzatziki, commonly a Greek food, is a good alternative to the traditional mint jelly.  Though it offers a completely different feel from the normal mint jelly, it complimented the ribs well.

The Parmesan and Basil Meatballs didn’t offer much excitement, though I could say that the meatballs are quite tender and crumbly.  It was juicy and very well seasoned too.

The Slow Roasted Ox cheeks is something that you should try.  The really really tender ox cheeks coupled with a red wine reduction sauce was very good.  The sour dough bread, which are freshly made everyday, was soft as well.  To enjoy, dip bread in sauce and munch away.

The last dish was  Salt and Pepper Calamari. There wasn’t a “WOW!” factor to it because its just a very simple Calamari.  The batter was rather unique though.  It retains the crunch without being too hard,  it felt like tempura batter, but harder and more consistent.

To end of the night, I had another drink.  This time, I went for a Pineapple and Lemongrass Mojito.  This tropical variation of the Cuban Mojito tasted refreshing.  The fragrance of the lemon grass and pineapple, felt very much like a drink I would find in Thailand.  This is something I would recommend.

South Coast is a very good alternative to the normal Harry’s bar.  The place is nice and the staff are very friendly.  You’ll find that even on weekdays, they are packed with guests.  Other than bar grubs and alcohol, they also serve breakfast that uses “Freedom Range Eggs”, a brunch menu (which I would love to try) and also a selection of pizzas like Wagyu, Pepperoni, Prosciutto Pizza.

South Coast is opened 9am to 1am daily

They are located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Bay Level, L1-85.

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