Forenote: C.Y., my guest blogger, dined here as a guest of Bazin.

Bazin is a swanky new restaurant that opened in the Marina Bay Sands Waterfront Bar area.  Overlooking Boat Quay, Raffles and Esplanade, this area spots one of the best views for dining in both day and night.  Marina Bay Sands Waterfront Bar has 5 F&B outlets, all with their own uniqueness.

Bazin serves an Euro-Oriental menu with special creations like Thai Green Curry Pizza and Seafood Wasabi Pizza (which I tried and I loved), an extensive list of bar snacks and also long lists of liqueurs, liquors, cocktails, beer and wine.  The ambience is best defined as contemporary with a touch of European quaintness to its decor.  It is also one of the places to view the nightly light and water show – Wonder Full.

Image Courtesy of Marina Bay Sands/Bazin

One of the mains served that night was Filet de Barramundi avec la Sauce Orange or Barramundi in Orange Sauce.  The Barramundi was light in taste, but I felt that the fish could have been done better, though it didn’t really affect the dish as a whole.  What I liked about this dish was how the Valencia Orange Sauce complimented the fish so well.  It was a rather weird combination by name, but in terms of taste, it was very well done.

Other than Barramundi, we were served Seafood Marinara.   I’ve had Seafood Marinara that was swimming in sauce, I had one that was extremely dry; This was done just nice.  The sauce wasn’t too tart and the seafood was fresh.

The Honey Squid and Scallop Salad was rather nice.  I liked the Honey Orange Dressing especially because it was very different from the normal Olive and Balsamic dressing.  The Squid and the Scallop were fresh as well.

I ordered the Lemon Thyme Chicken which came highly recommended from one of the staff at the restaurant.  The chicken was well flavored and very crispy. The lemon thyme sauce complimented the chicken well. too  The chicken didn’t suffer from the common problem of being too oily or having an oily taste.

Recently, I’ve been on a Pizza frenzy and I’ve been having pizza for about 3-4 times that week (gawd, the amount of carbs I’ve consumed is a blasphemy to my gym membership).  We ordered 2 pizzas that night, the Seafood Wasabi Pizza  was one of them.  The first thing that I look for in a pizza is the crust and the dough, the dough here is freshly made and the crust is thin and cripsy.  The Wasabi Sauce was a very interesting interpretation to a very traditional food.

The Thai Green Curry Pizza was my favorite of the night.  Initially I was quite apprehensive of this pizza because I’ve had Asian inspired pizzas before and most of them didn’t quite turn out as well as expected.  This time, I was surprised, the Green Curry tasted very authentic and the chicken meat was very well marinated.  It wasn’t too spicy so this is a very friendly dish to those who have low tolerance to spicy food.

For desserts, we had Irish Creme Brulee.  The custard was not too heavy.  Comparing to the Creme Brulee I had from Paul Lafayet, I thought that the sugar were not caramelized enough, could be more generous with the sugar on top.  Another note that I would like to make is that, I didn’t realise there was Irish Cream infused in it, the taste was somewhat unnoticeable.  But as far as Creme Brulees go, overall, it was alright.  I would have went for the Mango Lime Pudding which might have been a more interesting choice.

Overall, Bazin is a nice restaurant to have a quiet romantic dinner on a weekday.  The pricing is reasonable as compared to the quality of the food.  I would really recommend their selection of creative pizzas for those that wants to visit them.

Bazin is opened Monday to Thursday from 11am to Midnight and Friday to Sunday from 11am to 1am.

They are located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Bay Level, L1-84.


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