A few days ago, a reader dropped me an e-mail if I had tried Iggy’s and if I did, would I recommend for him to go. Well, I have been to Iggy’s but for the record, my visit to Iggy’s was quite sometime back – circa. December 2010. His e-mail was the catalyst for me to dig up these photos and notes.

This is largely a pictorial of the dinner that we had that evening. I did jot some thoughts down on my phone so I’ve included them below. Suffice to say, I was not particularly impressed by the meal that I had here. That said, I’m pretty sure there are reasons as to why Iggy’s is ranked amongst the Best restaurants in Singapore and Asia. Perhaps another visit or a menu from another season might just do it for me. Till then………….

The menus for lunch and dinner are fixed and are changed every quarter. The lunch menu goes for S$85++ person and the dinner menu goes for S$250++ per person.





Complimentary Bread


The bread took quite a while before it arrived on our table. In fact, we had already gone through 2 courses of the menu (not counting the amuse bouche – which was a really freshand plump oyster from Coffin Bay and a small serve of Creme brûlée foie gras).

Side note: the Creme Brulee Foie Gras was absolutely amazing!


Burrata, yuzu, pomelo

Served raw; What was interesting was to see it being served with burrata cheese – a combination that I’ve not personally encountered yet.


Guacamole, quinoa, grapes

The fish was perfectly cooked, albeit a little over salted for me.


Artichoke, sunchoke


Tajarin, poultry jus

Alba white truffles were in season, so we were quite delighted when it was put on the menu. However, the pasta was exceedingly salty. A small portion it definitely was, but unfinished it was returned.


Foie gras, carrot, sesame


Yukon gold potato, spinach, Alba white truffles


Potato, caviar


Hibiscus, beetroot, white chocolate

After dinner, we were led to the dessert counter – which was an experience in itself! The owner-chef of Pamplemousse was seated just next to us.

Anyway, I love the whole artsy presentation of this dessert.


Rosemary, pine nut

This dessert, I liked. It was clean to the palate, almost refreshing.

 Petit Fours

You get to choose from a variety of items in a box – there’s no limit to the number.

If you are like me and can’t decide – choose one of each!

Petit Fours

581 Orchard Road
Level 3, The Hilton Hotel
Tel: +65 6732 2234


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