SANTI recently launched an exclusive Catalan 4-course set lunch (consisting of an appetizer, an entree, a main and a dessert) that is available only on Sundays. It’s the perfect alternative to the usual brunch places on one of those lazy Sundays. The traditional Catalan menu aims to bring guests back to the roots of the restaurant, featuring traditional home cooked dishes that embodies the strong flavors of the cuisine. 

Granted, at S$88++ per person, Sunday luncheon at SANTI is not the cheapest around. But, for the impeccable level service and exquisite creations, a meal here is worth every single cent! I’m not saying this just because this was an invited tasting, I would gladly pay the full price for the meal for one of those special occasions. Let’s face it, service comes at a premium;  and how can we forget the high rental costs at Marina Bay Sands?

Touching on the setting of the restaurant, the tables are spaced widely apart – perfect for that special business luncheon or a date with someone special!

Served warm, the Complimentary bread was excellent! Special mention has to be given to the wholemeal sourdough bread, which I gladly had seconds of.

Before lunch officially started, 2 tapas were served together. The small serving of cold Tomato Gazpacho livened up the palate.

The Palamos gamba carpaccio with citrus was an okay dish. Frankly, I don’t think this was a dish that I could be waxing lyrically about. The shrimps were fresh and that’s about it.

Note: Gambas are famous King Shrimps from Palaomos, Spain.

First Course

PEBROTS DEL PIQUILLO FARCITS DE BRANDADA DE BACALLÀ (Fire roasted piquillo peppers with bacalao brandade, Vizcaina Sauce and Mojama)

Taste aside, the roasted pepper dish was the most aesthetically pleasing dish. As for the taste, it was quite good – something different.

Stuffed inside the roasted pepper is the Bacalao Brandade (Salted Cod) and the Vizcaina, a sauce traditionally used  in Spain, complemented the dish very well.

 Crema De Bolets Salvatges Amb Ou Organi (Wild mushroom cream soup with poached organic egg)

The mushroom soup was good. It was not out of this world but there were 2 positive points that I liked.

First, the soup had strong mushroom flavours that did not require  any addition of truffle oil and,

Second, the thick yet smooth consistency.


Esparrecs I Calcots “A La Plancha” Amb Romesco (Asparagus and leeks “a la plancha” with roasted tomato and pine nut sauce)

The asparagus were very well-cooked – a little crunchy to the bite. But, for those who love their asparagus tender, perhaps it’s time to look away.

Personally, I would have preferred the pine nuts to be crunchy rather than soft – But that’s just me.

Arros Negre Amb Gambes, Calamars, I All I Oli (Black rice with prawns, calamari and all i oli sauce)

The piece de resistance of the meal had to be this dish! The rice was done to perfect al-dente, the squid was fork-tender and the prawn was really fresh.

I’ll gladly have a second helping of this or if this was served as the main course!

Main Course

Pilota De Proc Amb Trinxat I Ametlles Tendres (Pork meatball with glazed cabbage, “Patatas al mortero” and fresh almonds)

I think of Pork meatballs and two images immediately come to mind. One, IKEA and two, at an Italian family run restaurant.

Yes, pork meatballs are a familiar sight at Tapas bars in Spain (or so I’ve read), but it was new to me. The meatballs were very flavourful and the addition of fresh almonds helped to provide some form of texture contrast.

Suquet “Costa Brava” (Catalan fish stew with Iranian saffron)

Served covered with a metal lid, the lid is only removed when it is brought to your table. and the fragrance of the dish permeates the air around you immediately.

The fish was really fresh and fork tender. In my opinion, it was the second best dish of that afternoon.

You know what? The stew was so good that I nearly wanted to request for an additional serving of bread to mop up the stew.


Cireres Marinades Amb Sabayon De Grand Marnier, Fragipani Gelato D’Ametles (Marinated cherries with grand marnier sabayon, fragipan and almond ice cream)

I’m on the fence when it comes to the desserts at SANTI.

If you’re in the market for something light, then the marinated cherries is definitely up your alley. Special mention definitely goes to the frangipan and almond ice cream.

Crema Catalana Amb Fruites Del Bosc I Gelat De Maduixa (Creme catalan with forest berries and strawberry)

The Spanish version of the creme brulee was a delight to savour. The custard was really smooth, so kudos to that. I like my desserts to not be exceedingly sweet and this was the case here.

And of course, the quintessential end to Sunday lunch – Excellently brewed Coffee.

Petits Fours

Note: This was an invited tasting session.


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