Aoki Restaurant

Aoki Restaurant

The story of the last few months when it comes to the talk of Japanese restaurants is that I should try Aoki, and so, try, I did. Part of the Les Amis group of restaurants and located right beside the group’s flagship, Les Amis. If you’ve been reading my posts, I adore sushi and sashimi. Come to think it, I think I should be giving more respect to the humble Sashimi; I think what I need to do now, is start with the basics – learning the names of the fishes, their appearances and their tastes (both raw and done aburi).

To get lunch started, I went along with the waitress’s recommendation to try the S$100++ Lunch Omakase set. Served in petite portions over the course of an hour, it really felt just right.

Starting off lunch was simple salad.

Next up, a platter of really fresh sashimi.

Served in a tea pot is a miso and clam soup.

The subtle sweetness of the clams lent flavour to the mild miso soup.

Accompanying the miso soup was a small dishes of deep fried tempura of smelt fish.

Five pieces of sushi followed, each served not in one plate, but rather one after another.

The melt-in-your-mouth toro sushi was really good!

To conclude the meal, a small slice of tamago was served. It was really good – I could clearly see why the tamago itself has been the talk of of many.

My verdict? Well, I’m clearly an Aoki-convert now and would definitely love to return sometime for more sushi loving! By the way, the lunch sets are really affordable and come highly recommended.

Aoki Restaurant

#02-17 Shaw Centre
Facing Pacific Plaza and HSBC Bank, alongside Les Amis and La Strada



11 thoughts on “Aoki Restaurant

  1. The Taian Bento used to be served in a lacquer box. Has the presentation changed since? Where is the yakimono then?

  2. Dear Glenn,

    Thank you for your kind review. We are greatly pleased to know that you’ve enjoyed your time at Aoki. Your feedback motivates our team to do better and surpass the expectations of our guests.

    We look forward to serve you again at Aoki or at any of the other Les Amis Group of restaurants.

    Once again thank you and have a great day ahead.

    Kind regards,
    Valencia Poh
    Marketing Communications and Public Relations Associate
    Les Amis Group
    6733 7741 |

  3. Re Aoki

    Hi, please confirm that above is Taian Bento set and NOT the $100 lunch omakase.

    I tried to order the Taian set but the server said that it will be served on a lacquer, so i skipped it an order the $50 sushi set.

    Thanks B Lau

  4. Was very much looking forward to dining here after reading the great reviews. The only table available was the counter so we gladly accepted. When we arrived at about 12:20 for our 12:30 reservation, only two other parties were at the counter. We were placed in the middle by the sink. Hoping to sit a bit off to the side, we requested the corner seat which was empty at the time. The waitress said she would check with the reservation staff who came back with a no, saying it was booked. I said I didn’t know I could request a particular seat on the counter and she said they reserve it for 3-4 people.

    At this time, I wish I could have recorded the clearly annoyed faces of the chefs behind the counter like Ramsay’s secret diner does. Really guys? Is it that hard to be a little flexible and service oriented? To not give your customers dirty looks as they try to politely optimize their dining experience? When the corner was eventually filled, there were only two diners unlike the 3-4 the waitress said hold the corner for.

    Needless to say, this simple inability to take care of the customer put a dark cloud over the entire meal…

    We ordered the lunch set 9 piece sushi and Chirashi. My order and another customer’s order (incidentally the one on the corner) came quite a bit earlier than our respective partner’s dishes so we were left waiting for some time before we could begin.

    I found my $50 sushi selection to be okay only. For the premium lunch special, I found it hard to believe they’d have squid, 2 omelette and Tai in the selection.

    My wife enjoyed her Chirashi but I found the small cubed pieces of premium fish to be a bit of a waste, inevitably causing you to mix many different types of fish into a single bite, defeating the purpose of seeking out fresh, quality sushi/sashimi. Also, I noticed the fish selection for the same dish of guy next to me to be very different!

    Dessert came with an interesting plum gelatin, custard and a third item which I can’t recall. While everything was pretty good, I did notice that we were the only diners to get the small open plates while the other diners’ desserts were served in a lovely box.

    Granted, my overall experience and the lens through which I viewed the food must be tempered by my initial experience, I believe it’s the little things that separate restaurants at this level and Aoki definitely fell short.

  5. Oh yeah, who charges for salad and string beans without informing the customer first. Many fine Japanese restaurants include amuse-buches free of charge and salads should be included in the set…

  6. Hi Bo, I’m their lunch regular and can testify that they dont give a hoot even to their regular customers. But their sashimi/sushi is really good and chef AOKI wields his sushi knife like a true blue samurai!! Or else how do you explain the fully packed counter seats almost everynight for their $350 omakase?

    But…if you want a Nogawa trained sushi chef with similiar food….go to Chef lawrence chia ( Brother of Ronnie-Tatsuya) for half the price, dinner omakase i’m talking about. I’ve done myself a disfavour….now its even more difficult to get a counter seat!! ha ha

    Good luck to your sushi journey!!

  7. Hi Glenn,

    If you do go to Chef lawrence for omakase, have to be either Tues or Fri night as the premium fishes are delivered on those days. But take note……call at least two hours before appointed time to confirm all the toros, sea urchins, crabs, abolone….are delivered. I was there last Friday evening and he did not receive his toros from his suppliers on that day… AVA checking is strict. i had a similiar experience with Tatsuya last month.

    Chef Kevin at Nogawa?? I love his unique Chirashi set lunch but will NOT go for their dinner as King Nogawa is hardly there. Now dont get me started on King Nogawa’s trained sushi chefs…. you might loose a fortune going round the circuit like many sushi crazed addicts!! But when i am broke… i go to another nogawa trained chef Bernard Tang at kaiho Sushi for his $28.00 chirashi lunch set. Take the first bite of his sushi rice…you know immediately its King Nogawa’s invisible hand!! Or for a budget of $ 120.00, you can got to another Nogawa trained sushi Chef Patrick Tan at Hokkaido Suchi for his premium omakase dinner.

    I better stop here or else your readers may think I’m mad Ha ha…But everytime i sit at these sushi counters belonging to this special Nogawa circuit, I see familiar faces!! So i’m not the only mad guy around!!

  8. I am a Japanese food lover. But after all the good comment that I hear about this restaurant, I went to try today. It was raining, I arrived late because of the bad traffic on that road and there was no valet parking. So when I got in, the waitresses were all thinking so strongly “Oh no why he comes at this time”, that I could almost hear it. I knew I wasn’t welcome, at 10:00 the chef has already cleaned the kitchen and everybody were prepared to go home. Maybe because of this, the service was the lousiest I’ve ever experienced. The food wasn’t tasty, the chef didn’t prepare with heart anymore, but with anger. Well, this experience really made me disgusted of this restaurant.

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